Nina Dobrev's Crazy Intense Workout Sounds Like a Great Way to Catch Ian Somerhalder’s Eye

Nina DobrevWhen it comes to slammin' celebrity bodies, Nina Dobrev has one that's pretty stellar. The Vampire Diaries star is no stranger to the gym, after all. With no shame, Nina's very open about the diet and workout secrets that work for her. One thing I love about her style? She's always willing to mix things up. Like with the Vampire Diaries Workout Game, for example.

Dobrev posted the intense workout on her personal blog the other day and tagged her executive producer Julie Plec, saying doing this workout every Thursday would make them "ripped." And man, is she TOTALLY right. Heck, a workout like this is bound to give results that'll make the guys take a second look (like ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, right Nina?).

Featuring burpees, push-ups, Russian twists, squats, crunches, and a whole lot of butt-busting moves -- Nina's workout routine looks crazy hard. Let's take a closer look:


First take note, the workout happens while watching Vampire Diaries. So fans, prepare yourself for the ultimate sweat session. Here's how it all goes down:

When Elena says “Stefan” -- do 10 squats
When Damon makes a sexual joke -- do 20 jumping jacks
When someone dies -- do 3 burpees
When Bonnies does a spell -- do 2 pushups
When Caroline kisses someone -- do 20 Russian twists
When Jeremy is told to get lost -- do 3 star jumps
When a vampire appears behind someone -- do 10 crunches
When someone is compelled -- do 5 standing calf raises
When someone is kidnapped -- do 10 bird-dogs
When Stefan broods -- do 20 bicycles

Yeah, whether or not you're a fan of the hit vampire show, there's no doubting this is one stellar workout.

I will say this: your TV time is actually a great opportunity to sneak in some strength training and workout time. I'm not necessarily one to work out while my show's going on (I'm too into the drama), but commercial breaks can be your best friend. The five-minute break is perfect to squeeze in a set of moves! Whether it's a set of 20 crunches followed by 10 push-ups and 10 lunges or whatever your poison may be -- you can squeeze in that workout and not sacrifice missing your favorite show!

Plus, working out during TV time gives us all more time to do other things. Cuddle session with your man being number 1. Maybe if Nina frees up some of her personal time, she could work on things with Ian -- eh? I'm sure that's what Vampire Diaries fans are hoping for, anyway.

Do you ever work out in front of the TV? Would you try the Vampire Diaries Workout Game?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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