Gwyneth Paltrow Has a 'Naughty' Way of Feeling Healthy After Old Diet Made Her 'Hallucinate'

Gwyneth PaltrowWhen I think of celebs that are really into all things fitness and working out, two names come to mind: 1. Vanessa Hudgens, because for some reason, paparazzi LOVE to snap photos of her working out, and 2. Gwyneth Paltrow. In all honesty, I'd be a little nervous if Gwynny wasn't on the top of your celeb fit list, too. The actress has long been known as a fan of all things healthy and diet-tastic, and recently confessed that one of the craziest diets she ever went on had her "hallucinating after 10 days."

Whoa. Hallucinating does NOT sound like a healthy dieting benefit. Paltrow dished on her past diet experience in a recent article for Telegraph, saying that the loopiness happened in her 20s while doing the Master Cleanse. The Goop founder also divulged her major fitness tips and the lessons she's learned along the way.

Just wait, you'll NEVER guess what unhealthy habit Paltrow admits to doing ... weekly.


Healthy realization #1 -- weighing yourself is bad: Man, if that's a mantra we should all live by. Gwyneth writes about women's natural tendency to gain and lose weight during their monthly cycles, saying that the weight on a scale isn't a natural indication of your fitness.

Healthy realization #2 -- keeping food around is a good thing: Just make sure it's healthy food. When you're hungry, you're going to want a snack. Instead of surrounding yourself with foodie hazards, opt for easy go-to options that will inspire you to say healthy. Gwyneth's go-to? She prepares her favorite dressings on Sundays and stores them in the fridge for the rest of the week. This way, it's ready for dipping vegetables or other yummy options.

Healthy realization #3 -- there has to be some balance: When you cut out one thing from your diet completely, there's a huge part of you that wants to binge at one point or another. Paltrow suggests allowing yourself to have "programmed treats" that are "just the right amount of naughty." But just wait. Paltrow's naughty indulgence? Red wine at night and a cigarette on Saturdays. Wow. Paltrow, living on the edge!

Have you ever had a major healthy realization? What was it?


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