4 Easy Tricks for Beating Those Evil Food Cravings Once & for All

Controlling_Food_CravingsYou know what my biggest problem is when it comes to weight loss? I'm REALLY bad at ignoring my hunger cravings. I think I'll last a solid 10 minutes sitting at my desk thinking about how I'm "hungry" before caving in, getting up, and going off onto the NYC streets looking for some sustenance.

The good news? Well, there ARE ways to curb these cravings. Easy ways. Soon enough, you'll be laughing at those silly food cravings all the way to the scale! Check out our 4 simple tips to beating pesky food cravings:


1. Prepare for cravings: Let's be real -- we all know that they're gonna happen. Prepare for this occurrence by keeping healthier options around the house or at your desk at work. This way, when you're hankering for a king-size Snickers bar, you can opt for a Skinny Cow 130-calorie candy bar instead (the peanut butter creme is my favorite!).

2. Go for the H2O: Usually when I'm "hungry," I find that my mouth is just bored, seriously. For me, plain ol' agua doesn't do the trick. My fix? Crystal Light packets. I've been using them regularly to get my recommended daily intake of water and find that I feel MUCH better (and less hungry) with the more I drink.

3. Get up and out: Sitting in one place for a long time allows you to continuously think about your hunger cravings. Instead of becoming a couch potato and letting your thoughts fester, get up and out into the world. Whether it's going for a brisk walk or jog around the neighborhood or going to see a movie -- any outing is a great distraction from your foodie fantasies.

4. Don't be your own enabler: You know when you're most likely to cave into food cravings? When you're allowing those "problem" foods to be close to you. Even worse? When you're mindlessly eating them! If you HAVE to cave (and believe me, those situations happen), then treat yourself and put the bag/food out of sight. Binging on it won't make your life any better, I promise.

Do you have your own strategy to controlling food cravings?

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