Jennifer Aniston's 'Stripper Diet' Sounds Totally Torturous (VIDEO)

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jennifer aniston we're the millersJennifer Aniston seems to be one of those few celebs whose looks we are constantly coveting. Whether it's due to some magical moisturizer or crazy expensive plastic surgery, the woman looks amazing for 44. And somehow, she looks even more amazing than usual in the promo shots for her new movie We're the Millers, in which she -- ooh, controversial! risque! -- plays a stripper. But at least now she's owning up to the fact that it wasn't a piece of cake getting into super-svelte, toned shape for the sexy part ...

Back in May, the buzz was that she relied on yoga to tone up. But diet was an integral part of Jen's prep, too. Access Hollywood asked if she even ate the day they shot one of her nudiest scenes -- eye roll -- and Jen confessed ...

I did eat that day. I was on a very like, you know, greens and vegetables and lean proteins and kale. ... When I really wanted to have a cheat day. I had to have a kale chip.

Oh dear. Crazy Hollywood! I'm all about focusing on greens and lean proteins, etc., but the most successful regimens usually allow a smidge of "cheating." AKA eating less than uber-nutritious, perfectly clean, whole foods. The 80/20 rule -- or even if you wanna go to slightly stricter and try for 90/10 -- is definitely more doable and sustainable than being so strict that you're calling kale chips a treat! (Hey, I've got nothin' against them. They're delicious, but they're not a "cheat.")

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I recently ate super-clean and 95 percent sugar-free (I'd go for stevia or fruit) in the lead-up to my wedding day ... which, granted, not the same as playing a stripper, but I wanted to look as awesome as I could! And even then, a piece of dark chocolate or spoonful of sweetened almond butter here or there was a necessary "evil."

Then again, this Jen Aniston "diet" is even further proof that women shouldn't be trying to follow in celebs' wacky, extreme footsteps.

What do you think of Jen's "stripper diet"? Do you agree the 80/20 rule is the better way to go for the long-run?

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nonmember avatar Cass

She's paid millions of dollars to do this- it's not really apropos for real-life weight loss.

Melan... MelanieJK

I've never seen her remotely fat or in serious need of a tone up so I doubt she had to stay on this stripper diet long to get her stripper body.   

 It's her  maintenance diets that are more of an issue,   I think some of those have been even wackier.     The thing most restrictive/wacky long term diets have in common is that they really mess around with the reproductive cycle so she might have serious fertility consequences.    

nonmember avatar FireTwoSeven

She's losing weight like it's her job, because it is. She has all of the most expensive advice and treatments at her disposal to make the body for that movie a reality.

Now that she's done with that,she'll go back to whatever her comfort zone is, because this is not and was likely never meant to be a complete lifestyle change.

momofcfk momofcfk

She used a body double in this movie.....she has an amazing body but I have read where she did in fact use a double....

nonmember avatar randee

What is wrong with that diet? it should be a way of life it is healthy and wholesome, just add some fruit,protein such as wild sockeye salmon. Look how healthy and fit she is,wake up America!!!

nonmember avatar Nancy

What diet? Where is any "diet" described. Eating a chip? Having a salad? This is a no-information article.

nonmember avatar Charo

Indeed, she is paid millions, and has earned millions to "look", and "be" a certain way/shape/size/etc. I'd have MUCH rather seen this role go to a woman working as a stripper, who happens to also be a decent actor. Much more believeable than J.A.'s "same self" self in movies. btw: Regarding her healthy eating: Doesn't she smoke?..and drink?

bluca... blucandie

Shoot, if I was gonna be playing a stripper or baring my body at all on film (which could likely be around forever) I'd go extreme too, lol!

nymom13 nymom13

I'd actually like to know what all she ate to be smoking hot at 44. I need to lose a lot of weight and it seems nothing I've tried has worked. I don't eat a lot of junk food.

Flora Van Orden

Extreme? As Dr T. Colin Campbell writes in his books the China Study and Whole, and Caldwell Esselstyn writes in his book How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, what's extreme is when people undergo heart surgery, which means sawing your body in half lengthwise and cranking your ribs open to access your heart. I'd rather have a healthy fresh juicy green smoothie with a diet that contains all the proteins and fats I need from plants than do that! I don't eat kale chips because in order NOT to gain weight or to lose weight successfully, kale must be well cooked in order to get rid of goitrogen, which interferes with one's thyroid. All cruciferous veggies need to be well-cooked and not eaten raw. At 77, I don't mind being called 'extreme'ly healthy! and neither do my nearly 3,000 students who have reversed diseases and are not symptom-free, but who know what to do in case they get a symptom. They are the locus of their own health, not a doctor.

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