Christina Aguilera's Weight Loss Is So Dramatic You Have to See It to Believe It (PHOTO)


Christina AguileraWhen it comes to weight loss journeys, Christina Aguilera has been on an epic one. The star, who was known for her skinny "Genie in a Bottle" bod back in the day, has been fluctuating in the size department for a while now. Just a year ago, Aguilera was ridiculed for her larger size at the ALMA Awards. But today, she looks 100 percent better than ever.

Aguilera showed off her weight loss this past Saturday at an NBC press event for The Voice. The coach, who is returning to the hit show's fifth season, not only looked slimmer but much more toned as well. Skinny arms, rockin' thighs, it's CLEAR that she's been hitting the gym. Take that, fat shamers!

Let's take a look at Christina's skinny new look, here:

Christina Aguilera weight loss

Yeah, told ya momma looks goooood. That pink dress though? Eh, not exactly my favorite.

According to Us Weekly, Aguilera's workout philosophy is having fun with her workouts. A source tells the magazine: "It's more of a mind-body thing for her. She believes in exercise she enjoys, doing strength work as opposed to intense cardio."

Go get 'em, Xtina! I appreciate Christina's fun workout approach. When you can get over that hump that working out and losing weight doesn't have to be a horrible experience, that's when the fun begins. Say you love dancing, for example. Why not spend an hour shakin' it in a dance studio instead of suffering through a treadmill workout that makes you want to die? Make your workout something you want to do instead of something you dread, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Doesn't Christina look great?!


Images via NBC, Splash News

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linzemae linzemae

She doesn't look skinny. She looks fita

cleig... cleigh717

So she got ridiculed f8r her weight and evn tho she said she was fine with it she still clearly worked her butt off to get rid of hmmm. I guess she knew she had a problem! Got for her for solving it!

nonmember avatar Bear1909

Christina is a professional who will only get better with age. She's wiser and great at what she does...."You are beautiful [Mami!] no matter what they say..." Por vida!

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