9 Body-Sculpting Exercises That Will Make You Look Like a ‘Doll’ in No Time (PHOTOS)

doll workout

Sometimes it's worth taking a look at what we're accustomed to thinking is 'beautiful' or 'ideal', and double-checking with ourselves as to whether it's attainable or even something we really even want to attain. 

Take a certain doll, as an example. Sure, she has legs for miles, perky boobs, and her hair glistens like it's spun from unicorn tails, but how would she look in the real world? And does having the perfect hair really make her happy?

Well guess what? It turns out that lifting weights has the amazing ability to boost self-esteem levels, keep anxiety at bay, and make you strong and lean. And our friend, the doll I mentioned earlier? She's agreed to help me out by being the fitness model for some simple strength training moves.


Image via Carly Pizzani


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