Kristen Stewart's Smoking Habit May Help Her Get Over Rob, But She Has to Quit Already

kristen stewart smoking camp x-raySeems like Kristen Stewart has been smoking for as long as paparazzi has been snapping off-set pics of her, but that doesn't mean we weren't hoping that maybe she would have considered quitting at some point ... Apparently, she clearly hasn't kicked the habit yet, because she was caught puffing away on the set of Camp X-Ray. Perez Hilton points out that she was inhaling the death stick with a busted lip she seems to have gotten from the moves/stunts in the flick. Grrreat.

Guess it's understandable that she's still smoking ... The girl has been through quite a bit lately, what with her breakup from Robert Pattinson, and is probably stressed out. It's probably harder than ever to quit at a time like this. But it's not exactly doing her any favors.


In a perfect world, a smoker like KStew may be able to see this "transitional time" as an opportunity to cut back or even quit instead of continuing to feed her habit ... or smoking even more. (Of course, we aren't sure if that's the case.)

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All I'm saying is it seems like for anyone, a big breakup is a chance to pinpoint new, ideally healthy pastimes. Maybe to reassess and figure out who you are, who you want to be ... Who wants to be a smoker? And who doesn't want to be healthier and, in turn, happier? Wouldn't she do better to check out a Pilates class? Yoga? Maybe hiking in Runyon Canyon. Surfing! I could see her surfing. She could get hooked on juicing. Heck, any of that would trump smoking as a stress-reliever. Plus, she lives in California! There's no end in sight to the healthier, hippier-dippier things she could try.

Meh. Maybe this smoking thing ties into her tortured 23-year-old "artist"'s image right now, but as she gets older, hopefully she'll realize it's not a good look at all -- no matter how old you are or who you are.

What do you think about Kristen's nasty habit?


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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