Jessica Alba's Sweaty Makeup-Free Workout Shots Are Brutally Honest (PHOTO)

jessica alba sweaty makeup-free selfie instagramMom of two Jessica Alba has a thing for honesty. Not just with her natural, eco-friendly baby, bath, and body brand The Honest Company, but when it comes to staying fit. She's been nothing but blunt about how she tends to hate working out. And she admitted to us last year that she'd rather hang out with her family than hit the gym. But lately, she's been more "#motivated2work," as she puts it on Instagram.

Jessica's been posting a sweaty post-workout selfie snapshot every day this week. She invited others to follow and join her, writing on Monday, "#8am #workout –gotta stick with it all week. Will you join me? I'd love to see your pics." Her husband Cash Warren is obviously on board, tracking his own workouts and hers. He posted his own shot of Jess along with the caption, "@jessicaalba is a beast!! Sprinting on incline." Nice!


But it hasn't all been a blast or easy by FAR. On day 2, Jess posted the pic you see above, in which she looks less than enthusiastic, asking of her followers: "Aren't u supposed to feel better after a #workout?" Ouch! To answer the Q, yeah, of course you are, but is that possible every time? Hell no!

I love that Jessica's being so forthcoming and real about what it takes to stick to a hardcore workout regimen. It makes it clear that even these celebs -- especially the celeb mamas! -- whose biceps and calves and trim, toned tummies we covet have to do some serious work to look that way!

Also adore how she's sharing her efforts in this way and encouraging others to do the same. There's something about "going public" with your workouts that definitely ups the ante, holds you more accountable, and bumps motivation to the max. After all, no one wants to fall short when other people are watching, right? Eesh, if that's true for us regular women, imagine how much pressure a star like Jessica's under ... Wow. But she's clearly figured out how to handle it in an awesomely healthy way!

What do you think of Jessica's workout pics? Does tracking/sharing your workouts through social media motivate you?

Image via Instagram

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