City Wants People to Pay to Exercise in Public Parks -- Seriously?!

yoga in the parkWhen I go to the park and see people working out here in New York City, it makes me feel good. It makes me happy to know I live in a place where at least some of the population cares about their physical fitness. Which is why it is absolutely absurd to me that Denver is contemplating charging people to exercise in parks. Yes. As in, making them pay. As in, they're discusing whether or not workout groups, like yoga clubs, joggers, and boot camps, should have to pay extra fees to conduct classes in public parks.

I am ... dumbfounded. I get it. These "businesses" are using the park as a place to provide their services and "goods." Without a permit, they're sorta kinda "breaking the law." But GIVE ME A BREAK, DENVER. Are they really that desperate for money over there?


I just can't get over the idea that Denver is essentially contemplating whether or not they should penalize people for working out. Plain and simple: No one needs discouragement to get healthy. Instead, we should all applaud those exercising, getting out, and getting their rear into gear. At least, that's where I'm at.

Plus -- aren't there bigger issues at hand, here? What about crime over there? Or bullying? Or for Pete's sake, if the city is killing itself over money then go on and impose some sort of drive thru-tax or something. Cigarettes! Anything! Healthy people make your city a more attractive place to live. I'm sure as hell that people who are spending their time being active should be the least of your worries, Denver.

Force the workout buffs out of the park, and I'll be interested to see what happens next.

Do you think this is ridiculous?


Image via lululemon athletica/ Flickr

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