'Plus-Size' Models Now Sell Clothes to Woman Who Are as Small as Size 8

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plus sized swimsuitThis week, Robyn Lawley, gorgeous 24-year-old Australian model, launched a plus-sized swimsuit line. Oh, and by the way, this “plus-sized” line starts at size 8. Go ahead and wrap your brain around that for a minute.

The average American woman is a size 14 so it would stand to reason that anything over that size would be considered plus sized. But it is standard practice that any model over a size 6 be considered plus sized in the fashion industry. To make matters even worse, those size 6 women often model what is supposed to be size 14’s for plus-sized shoots. So how does this all match up? It doesn’t.

Experts says that twenty years ago, the average model was eight percent smaller than the average American woman -but today, models are 23 percent tinier than the rest of us.

I’ve always wondered why clothing in a size 14 on the model never fits a real size 14 like it does in the ads. Now, I know it’s because it’s not a size 14 wearing the size 14. This is a dangerous and slippery slope we are on with women’s body image. If we try to live up to that standard, we just might find ourselves malnourished, in the throes of a nasty eating disorder or dead.

Robin Lawley is marketing her swimsuit line as plus-sized because that is what the fashion industry has taught her plus-sized is. By the way, Robin Lawley is 6’2” and wears a size 12, which by any rational standards is nowhere near plus-sized. She is tall, statuesque and beautiful but even she has been brainwashed into thinking she is plus sized.

We wonder why women fat talk as a national pastime, have such distorted body images. We wonder why 1 in 5 women suffer from eating disorders or disordered eating. Maybe it has something to do with this new trend of labeling perfectly healthy women as plus-sized.

Do you consider a size 8 plus sized?

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SaphireH SaphireH

That is crap, im a size 6 used to be an 8 only 5 months ago and by no means was i over weight. Fashion is becoming disgusting

Miche... Michelephant

Plus sized lines should start at a size 8.  Some women are overweight at that size (of course these are very short women) and want more coverage and/or a better bit than clothes made for a taller normal weight size 8.  It isn't about the number, it's about body proportions.  The average woman may be a size 12, but I'm 5'3 and around a size 4/6.  So if I went up to a dress size of 12 I would be obese.  So we should get offended when 'plus sized' starts at 8, simply because there are overweight women who are a size 8 and want clothes that are more suitable for their body type.

nonmember avatar blue

I think the growing sizes of Americans, make some forget thay sizes 10 and under are what people SHOULD be. The American average is nor healthy. Thnhjoe reasons models are statistically so much smaller then women now, is be uase most women are fat. They were smaller in the past, with less percentage between the size of them and non models. Gee, ya think it's because we weren't so dang fat?

nonmember avatar blue

WOW..apparently I can't type...

Kate Cooley

I think we should ditch this vague "size number" nonsense and just do with women's clothes what men do - waist size and length. Especially since the fashion industry wibbles and wobbles over what an XL constitutes. It makes more sense. But then again, women would be aghast at having their ACTUAL size be known, so you can't. *eye roll*

Rando... Randomlady

This woman is plus size, she is 6'2'' however her weight isn't a concern as she is definitely healthy and not even chubby. I think we should expand the term plus size just as men have "big and tall" plus size should include women of taller than average proportions such as this lady. She is absolutely gorgeous.

BGarcel BGarcel

When did wearing something from the plus size section become an insult? If it fits, it fits. It's labeled plus size like XL and larger are labeled big and tall. And when will we women realize and come to terms that dress sizes dont mean a thing since there is no standard measurement for them?

And did we forget that americans have gotten fatter, therefore the average (not the standard by the way, but the average) female body type is overweight? 1 in 3 americans are obese. Numbers dont lie, but we women are trying to change what they mean when we should not.

There is nothing wrong shopping in the plus size section of the store like there is nothing wrong with shopping in the petite, junior, or girls (not women) section of the store. If it fits and looks good on you, why stress yourself over the number on the tag?

nonmember avatar Gretta

Uhm I am mostly insulted by this blog post! Plus sized technically means bigger than the sample size... which is a 4-6. Plus size isn't an insult! I agree with the person who says if fits, wear it.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Talking about sizes is stupid, since sizes are arbitrary. Look at the old Mary Tyler Moore episodes where she is so skinny you see her hipbones. She always says she's a size seven. Back then, a size 3 was the smallest they made. Today, she would be a double zero. Also, every brand sizes differently.

Melan... MelanieJK

Too skinny is not a health problem facing America.     Apparently all these "tiny" models are causing people to bulk up not the opposite.

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