'Biggest Loser' Contestant Sued Over Weight Gain in Shameless Act of Bullying

tara costaBiggest Loser contestant Tara Costa finished third on the show's seventh season and seems to have since maintained an active, fit lifestyle. But not everyone is a fan. Tara's being hit with a lawsuit filed by FC Online Marketing Inc., which reportedly hired her as a spokesperson in 2011. Michael Parrella, FC chief executive, now says, "She came on at a certain weight. We had a fitness clause. She was in material breach after she gained, in my opinion, about 45 pounds." Parrella alleges that Tara was scheduled to visit 15 franchise locations, "but we weren't able to send her anywhere because she gained a lot of weight." Ooookay?

These allegations are also all sorts of odd and disturbing ... so thank goodness Tara's fighting back! 


The reality star's lawyer Darren Heitner told Today.com:

Since appearing on season seven of NBC's hit series, The Biggest Loser, Ms. Costa has remained physically fit and even participated in an Ironman competition. FC Online's effort to frame any debate as one related to Ms. Costa's appearance is misguided and will be exposed throughout the litigation.

Meanwhile, Tara herself has responded by posting a photo of herself looking like she's still in awesome shape, along with the caption, "Here's to another long ride for training. Rain, do me a favor & stay away." Cheers to that!

Of course we can't be sure exactly what happened between Tara and FC Online, but it really seems like this company is using the scale to bully their former spokesperson, because according to her lawyer, there was "a breach of an appearance contract, along with their exploitation of Ms. Costa's name and image without compensation on a website that promoted their commercial services." Ugh.

I understand that weight loss/fitness companies have a reputation to uphold and want their spokespeople and employees to maintain a certain look. BUT at the same time, if they truly practice what they preach, they'd value overall FITNESS over a number on the scale. They'd also be more compassionate about the fact that weight fluctuates and is NOT always a direct reflection of a person's commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimately, going after someone like Tara -- whether she's currently in perfect shape or not -- just looks bad. It makes this company look like all they're concerned with is their image -- not clients' or employees' well-being.

What's your take on this suit?

Image via Tara Costa/Twitter

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