4 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep

Casey Rackham | Jul 29, 2013 Healthy Living

yoga moves help sleep I don't know about you, but in my opinion, waiting to drift off to sleep can be seriously annoying. Restless legs and endless streams of worries, please go away: you're not welcome in my bed. I mean, come on, I could be getting a full eight hours of sleep for once (okay, maybe seven)!

To ease your mind and relax your body, doing a few yoga moves before bed may help you fall asleep quicker. I'm definitely up for doing a few tree poses before bedtime if it means I can drift off into dreamland. And, hey, this counts as my daily workout, right?

Check out these sleep-inducing moves in this bedtime yoga tutorial.

Have you found that yoga helps you fall asleep faster?

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