Jessica Simpson May Already Be Under the Gun to Lose the Weight She Gained With Baby Ace

jessica simpsonI know whe shouldn't necessarily feel bad for celebrities who have wittingly put themselves in the spotlight, but when I hear about the pressure women like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are under to shed baby weight like 48 hours before they've even given birth, I just ... I can't. Jessica's situation is even more complicated, of course, because she signed a contract with Weight Watchers to slim down after giving birth to baby Maxwell ... As we all know, by the time she lost enough for them to be okay with featuring her full-length in a commercial, whoops, she got pregnant again with baby Ace! So now, rumor has it they are stalking her down to shed the weight again ASAP. As in five months. OR ELSE!


Or else they want the money they supposedly "pre-paid" her back. STAT. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Jess is so freaked out that she won't be able to do it that she's thinking of getting pregnant with a THIRD kiddo right away. Oh dear. So nuts!

Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if any of this was true. Ever since Jess and WW joined forces, the buzz has been that WW was breathing down her neck to get the weight off faster than she reasonably could. As a former WW member and employee who has become incredibly disillusioned with the brand for various reasons, I've been reminded again and again that they are a corporation. A business. Meaning, sure, they want to help people lose weight, but mental/emotional/physical health and wellness doesn't necessarily trump the bottom-line as their top priority. So I wouldn't put it past them to put insane amounts of pressure on their celebrity spokeswomen.

And ultimately, I don't care if you signed a contract saying you would lose weight on such and such plan in a certain time frame. If it doesn't happen, oh flipping well. No one can reasonably guarantee that they'll lose weight on some kind of set timeline. And no one should ever feel like they have a gun to their head to lose a certain amount of weight, especially by a set date. Our bodies just don't work that way and pressure like that is not at all conducive to healthy, lasting weight loss. Especially as a new mom attemping to juggle all of life's responsibilities, joys, and trials with one kid -- or now, two! A company supposedly so committed to healthy lifestyle changes should know better.

If any of this is true, I hope Jess can stand up for her right to shed the weight healthfully on her own watch -- without having to worry that the only way to do that is by getting pregnant with a third! Ugh!

What do you think about this gossip? Do you think it's okay for a weight loss company to tell celeb spokeswomen how long they have to shed baby weight?


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