LeAnn Rimes' Weight Gain Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Her (PHOTO)

LeAnn RimesWhoa -- get a load of LeAnn Rimes' gorgeous curves, which haven't always been visible on her slight frame. Does she look amazing or what?

She filled out every inch of this chic white dress to the Friend Movement Benefit in Los Angeles yesterday, and it's impossible not to notice how much happier and healthier she looks these days.

And it may be hard to believe, but LeAnn even admitted that she's put on a few pounds -- something which her husband Eddie Cibrian doesn't mind one bit.

(Why would he? I'm sure he's happy that she's on a healthier path now too.)


Gaining weight is a tough thing for most women, especially when you're used to seeing a minuscule number on the scale or on the labels of your clothes.

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It's like you get used to the idea of being a size zero or two and it becomes almost painful and depressing to put on anything bigger than that. It's great that LeAnn is embracing her new body instead of obsessing over the fact that while she's still thin, she's not as tiny as she used to be (which is actually a good thing). She looks so much better with those extra few pounds on her, and now that she's 30, she'll hang on to the added weight if she's smart.

Over the past 10 years or so, my own weight has fluctuated up and down. As much as I'd love to be as slim and trim as I was in my 20s, I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I look and feel better when I'm not stick thin. Now that I've hit the ripe old age of 35, gravity really isn't working in my favor anymore, and if I lose too much weight, I start to get kind of saggy and blah. And that's why I've finally given up on the idea of being the weight I was at my prime, because honestly, it just doesn't look good on me anymore.

Now that LeAnn has hit the big 3-0, she'll probably run into the same problem in the coming years if she lets herself get too thin again. It's like she's finally got her act together, is taking care of herself, and she's also allowing herself to be happy despite all the chaos that seems to surround her at any given point in time. Whatever she's doing is certainly workin' for her, and it would be such a shame if she let stress get the best of her and wound up being a toothpick again.

Do you think LeAnn looks better now or when she was extremely thin?


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