Sofia Vergara's Slammin' Bikini Body Isn't From Crazy Diets or Exercise (PHOTO)

Sofia VergaraEvery woman I know has a few celebrities that they wouldn't mind trading bodies with. You know, a person they look to for a little bit of fitspiration. On my shortlist? Jessica Biel, Julianne Hough, and Sofia Vergara. I mean, hello, have you see Sofia's, ahem, assets? The woman is a total dime! Vergara shared three pictures of her slammin' bikini body this past weekend on her Instagram feed and ... yeah, there aren't enough words to say how fantastic she looks. Wearing a top from her Kmart collection and a pair of Soulcycle sweats, the actress looks 100 percent carefree and happy.

Speaking of carefree and happy, that about describes Sofia Vergara's bikini body routine. The actress spoke with Us about how she stays so fit, and her big secret is one that you and I can totally follow. Check it out, here:


Ready for it? Moderation. Sofia tells Us that she'd much rather enjoy life than live by some crazy diet. Now that is the kind of celebrity fit routine that a girl can really love!

Her attitude is one that we all should learn to embrace. For many of us who are trying to lose weight or tone up, our first instinct is usually to figure out what we shouldn't be eating, drinking, or doing. Therein lies the problem: By cutting things out completely, it just makes us want them more.

The trick? Moderation, just like Sofia said. For instance: instead of eating a large sundae with whipped cream, nuts, and hot fudge -- opt for a soft serve cone instead. If you can't ignore the pizza that your company gets every Monday, allow yourself one slice and supplement that with a healthy salad for dinner.

Clearly Sofia's approach to health and fitness is working for her, and I for one am down if it gives me fab results like her. I guess the next thing I should work on is getting myself a cute bikini top!

Are you a fan of Sofia Vergara? Do you have any bikini shape-up tricks of your own?


Image via Instagram

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