7 Perfect Exercises You Can Do Using Only a Park Bench (PHOTOS)

7 Perfect Exercises You Can Do Using Only a Park Bench (PHOTOS)

No Excuses WorkoutQuick, what are the top two excuses for not working out? Number one is not enough time, and number two is no access to a gym. Well, guess what, mamas? NO MORE excuses!

This workout will take you just 20 minutes, and all you need is a park bench.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps for each exercise, and you'll be done before you know it. Bonus -- you can do these exercises in the gym as well, just add weights!

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  • Stand Up Squat


    Image via Carly Pizzani

    The Stand Up Squat is a great way to teach yourself perfect squat form. Just sit on the very edge of the bench, then stand up. Push your butt right back to sit back down on the edge. Want to progress this move? Try it with your hands behind your head!

  • Bulgarian Squat


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    Oh, those Bulgarians! They know how to make a tough exercise! For the Bulgarian Squat, stand facing away from the bench, with one foot on the bench. Hop forward a little so there is a good distance between you and the bench. Lower down into a squat -- ideally your front knee should be right over your ankle, and you should be trying to push your elevated knee back towards the bench. Do 15 repetitions for each leg.

  • Pushups


    Image via Carly Pizzani

    Doing pushups on a bench is a great way to progress if you've been doing them from your knees (and no, I will not call those 'girl pushups'!). Remember to keep your abs tight throughout the movement and try to keep your body in a straight line.

  • Step Ups


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    Park benches are the perfect height for step ups. For this exercise, lean forward as you step up, putting your weight into the foot on the bench, so it's doing all the work. Do 15 reps on one side, then switch. 

  • Triceps Dips


    Image via Carly Pizzani

    You will feel this one tomorrow! For triceps dips using a bench, have your hands close to you as you lower. You want to keep your back straight and close to the bench edge as you lower. If it's too hard for you to complete 15 reps, start with knees bent and feet close to the bench.

  • Lateral Step Up to Curtsy Lunge


    Image via Carly Pizzani

    Say what!? This is two exercises in one and will make you believe that bodyweight training can be tough! Stand side-on to the bench, then place the foot closest to the bench up on the seat. Push through that foot to step up. Step back down, and bring your bench foot right into a curtsy lunge behind you. You hate me now, but you will be thanking me once your butt looks amazing.

  • Side Plank


    Image via Carly Pizzani

    You could do a regular plank on a bench, but after that crazy-hard Lateral Step Up to Curtsy Lunge combo, I know you can handle a side plank! With your forearm on the bench, and feet stacked on top of each other, lift your body up into a straight line, raise your arm up, and hold it. Try 20 seconds for each side to start, then keep increasing your time. Too hard? Stagger your feet instead of stacking. Too easy? Try raising the top leg a few inches and hold it.

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