Treatment Makes People Seem More Attractive Than They Are -- Would You Try It?

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shock therapyUgly hubby – no problem. Dating a troll? We gotta fix for that. Remember that movie Shallow Hal? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could see people as beautiful? Well, it might be a possibility. Caltech researchers found that people who receive a mild electrical shock deep within the brain ranked people as more attractive than they did before the shock. Crazy right?

Why is this being studied? Well, there is a credible reason at the source of all this that has nothing to do with vanity. Vikram Chib, lead author of the paper, explains that rating the attractiveness of faces is a hallmark task used to diagnose neurological and psychiatric problems like depression, schizophrenia or Parkinson's. This research could lead to a noninvasive way to study and treat mental disorders. Wouldn’t that be awesome? We’ve come a long way since lobotomies.

Not to mention the world would be a nicer place if we could all just see past people’s exteriors and get to know the real person. We live in a world where looks are everything and if you are unattractive, life is considerably harder than if you are attractive. You need to have twice the personality, perseverance and dedication to achieve the same success as your equal who is more attractive. These zaps could potentially eliminate the upper hand. But I suppose the more important point is, who cares if you are really attractive, as long as everyone, including yourself, thinks you are? Isn’t that the same as being beautiful? If only the world really worked that way.

I realize that this research is meant to help treat psychiatric and neurological disorders and that is serious business but a girl can daydream that it could be used for other things too, right?

What do you think of electrical shock therapy as a way to make the world a more beautiful place?

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Elizabeth Gronewald

 I realize that you were meaning to be light-hearted in this article, but you sound incredibly ignorant of previous uses of electric shock treatment and lobotomies. Ask the patients that electric shock therapy used to be used on in the days of "treat people with disorders like nonhumans" and see if they would ponder about using this for an ugly spouse. The abuse of the treatment of electric shock therapy used to be quite high and frequent. It shouldn't be pondered for use on just anyone for trivial and artificial problems even as a joke because of the history of this treatment. We can think of people in the past just lobotomizing everyone and anyone in a mental institution and make it seem like a scary, but distant thing. That is the problem. It was an abuse of power in the treatment of individuals not quite considered all the way human and that is a deeply frightening, serious thought.

eupeptic eupeptic

It'd be interesting to see what differences there are between this and alcohol (certainly this shouldn't have the same side-effects of alcohol consumption) as alcohol is common and has similar effects on people's behavior.

One other thing I'd like to share is that it is possible for everyone to mildly influence the thoughts and behavior of others (as well as the output of computers) using spiritual energy. Examples of this which have been scientifically tested range from transmitting the thought of an image from one individual to another individual to influencing the output of random number generators. As such, as more people on Earth focus on sharing loving, accepting thoughts with others the greater an effect there is on the thoughts and behavior of those who are the focus of such thoughts. Similarly, the more fear, hatred, judgment, discrimination, etc. that goes through people's minds with regard to those who affect our lives the more common it is for such low energy thoughts and behavior to exist on Earth in part because of the existence of spiritual energy. ("We are all connected" is something that's stated now and then, and this is part of what that means.)

If we want to create a peaceful world for us to live in we need to focus on having peaceful and loving thoughts and behaving in a loving and peaceful manner towards all others.

nonmember avatar Lotte

Uh...I'll stick with booze thanks.

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