'Fit Mom' Snooki Tells Her Haters Off Once & For All (PHOTO)

snooki instagramNow that she's back to sporting a scarlet, mermaid mane, nothing's standing in Snooki's way. The red hot former Jersey Shore star has been on a serious roll with her intense workout plan, which includes doing CrossFit exercises like flipping huge, heavy tires. (So tough. But if you can pull it off safely, it really does work your "buns and guns," as Snooki says!) And she doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. Why would she when she's clearly enjoying jaw-dropping results?

This week, Snooki posted photos of herself in a sports bra and sweatpants, flexing her biceps, and noting, "Getting more toned and defined." She also remarked that she's "damn proud" to be a "fit mom." Good for her, right? I'm not sure how anyone could be down on Snooki for being so committed to her fitness goals, but there are unfortunately some haters out there ... who she decided to address in another recent post. 


Yesterday, Snooki tweeted:

Everyone's saying the 'new fit me' isn't what I'm suppose [sp] to look [like]. I wasn't always a fatass, kids. Get used to my fit life, cause I love it!

Everyone? I really hope not. That's absurd. Ugh. I really wish she wouldn't have even acknowledged ridiculous noise like this. It's sick that some people have an idea of what a person in the public eye is "supposed" to look like. Snooki was just 21 when she became famous. Since then, she's gone through some crazy huge changes and grown up a lot, becoming a mama and fiancee and entrepreneur on her own. And yet, some people probably still expect her to look like the hard-partying, junk food-eating "meatball" they remember from the first season of Jersey Shore. Oookay, too damn bad!

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It's a whole new ballgame for the "Princess of Poughkeepsie," and I for one am all about seeing her push to not to be skinny but a stronger, fitter, leaner woman and mom in an aggressive and healthy way.

What do you think about the "new Snooki"? 


Image via Instagram

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