Stacy Keibler Reveals Her Simple Beauty Secrets for Looking So Hot

stacy keiblerStacy Keibler is known for two things: 1) being George Clooney's girlfriend, and 2) that incredibly hot body that undoubtedly helped her land the coveted role as George Clooney's girlfriend. Lucky for us, she is willing to share her beauty and fitness secrets. In an interview with New Beauty magazine, she reveals how she got that amazing physique -- and it's so simple, we all can do it.

  1. Dry Brushing. This is quite possibly the best kept beauty secret of all time. Stacy keeps her long legs baby soft and smooth by brushing with a natural bristle brush every day. Not only does it sloth away dead skin, experts say it has incredible health benefits too. It can boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps rid your body of toxins. Please note: it must be done before you shower when the skin is dry.
  2. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse! She did a 21-day cleanse program where she eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn, and gluten. It's good to clear out your system once in awhile. Cutting out those foods can help you feel healthy and revitalized. And while it sounds hard, keep in mind it's only temporary and the benefits will be remarkable. 
  3. Sun Yourself. That golden glow she always has isn't just for looks. Stacy knows the benefits of those vitamin D packed rays -- it can help prevent osteoporosis, regulate blood pressure, reduce stress, and is believed to help fight several diseases.
  4. Break a Short Sweat. She swears you don't have to bust your butt in the gym for hours to look fit. Even just 10 minutes of jumping jacks a day can make a difference.
  5. Ohm Alone. Life can be hectic so to decompress, Stacy makes sure to squeeze in a little "me" mediation time. 

Have you tried any of these health tips?


Image via LGEPR/Flickr

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