Skipping This Meal Could Help You Lose Weight Fast but It Sounds Like a Nightmare

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scaleEvery other day there's someone or something that tells you the best way to lose weight. One second, it's eating six small meals throughout the entire day to speed up your metabolism. The next, it's not eating at all until 5 p.m., then eating whatever you want until bedtime. Today's claim? Eating just breakfast and lunch is where it's at. Yup, according to the Czech Republic's Ministry of Health, eating just two meals a day will lower your body mass index more effectively than eating small meals throughout the day.

Wait ... just two meals? And not just ANY two meals -- only breakfast and lunch? So their claim is that it's best not eat whatsoever after 4 p.m.?

I'm sorry, I don't care how great this weight loss method is, there's just no way. Not up my alley, not even on the same block.

Just like there are a zillion different studies out there telling us the best and worst ways to drop pounds, there are a zillion different diets to choose from. That means that we all have options when it comes to trimming down. For me personally, a diet where I have to ignore food for many of my waking hours on end just is NOT an option. I don't care how much "better" it works than everything else. For me and my lifestyle, it's just not feasible.

That's hands-down the most important thing to consider when you debate tackling a new diet: is it feasible for your lifestyle. I'm a person who likes to work out after work, which means that after I get my sweat on -- I'm jonesin' for something to eat. For me, I need an eating plan that accommodates that.

At the end of the day, to each her own. Still, I don't think I could ever just NOT eat from 4 p.m. until I go to bed. I'd rather keep on those extra few pounds. 

Could you follow a diet where you don't eat after lunch time? Would you try it if it guaranteed good results?


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bella... bellacazzate

Of course you'll lose weight by cutting out that many calories. Once again, the best way to "diet" is to eat clean and exercise. The end. For most people fads and suggestions like these end in binging.

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Actually, the US differs from other countries in that our largest meal tends to be dinner. In most other countries their lightest meal is dinner. Eat a large breakfast to get your day going, a good sized lunch and trust me, you will only need a light (think salad) dinner if any at all. 

Mariele Morris

It takes a lot of effort before you can achieve your desired figure. It is not healthy to skip meals just to lose weight. There are alternatives that you can do if you want to have a sexier figure.

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