Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Her Weight -- TOO Skinny or Just Right?

Lisa VanderpumpI'm 100 percent a Lisa Vanderpump fan. Sure, the woman can say some random things at times -- but she's a successful restaurateur who has taken her Real Housewives fame and spun it into something fabulous. After a fan stopped by her restaurant Sur over the weekend and shared with the Twitterverse how "tiny" and "beautiful" Lisa is in person, the housewife took it upon herself to respond -- saying, "We are all much smaller in person 5'5'' 120 lbs ... that's all there is of me."

Whoa ... bold move, Lisa Vanderpump revealing her weight on Twitter. Is 120 pounds tiny? Of course it is! I just hope Vanderpump fans don't think you have to be 120 pounds to be tiny. Not at all.


For Lisa, 120 pounds on her frame looks normal and healthy. For her, it looks just right. Heck, for 52 years old, the woman looks absolutely freakin' fabulous! However, for someone who is taller, say 5'8", 120 pounds would look ridiculous. Someone of a taller stature would most likely look too skinny.

Plain and simple: the same weight can look a whole lot different on all different sorts of people. Since muscle is more dense than fat, someone who is built up can weigh 140 pounds and look even tinier than Lisa.

The important thing is to keep it all in perspective. Sure, it's OK to have a goal weight -- just make sure it's realistic. Base your goal weight off of your body, and not someone else's. You don't have to weigh a cool Vanderpump 120 pounds to be happy.

Do you have a happy weight? Are you surprised about Lisa's?


Image via Bravo

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