Coffee Made With Butter Could Be the Ultimate Weight Loss Secret ... or a Big, Fat Lie

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upgraded coffeeThe latest "magic bullet" being touted as the wonder path to weight loss: Coffee (okay, you say, not exactly new or wild ...) blended with -- wait for it -- BUTTER. Agh! But it's not like we don't already add other forms of dairy to our cups of joe on the regular, right? So maybe it's worth considering ...?

The craze is the brainchild of "Silicon Valley investor, computer security expert, and entrepreneur" David Asprey who has created Bulletproof Coffee and claims the drink is full of healthy fats that keep energy levels up "for six hours if you need it," "improve cognitive function," and shrink your waistline. Apparently, Asprey's Upgraded Coffee -- which is mixed with unsalted grass-fed butter, made from "low-toxin beans," and contains MCT oil (a blend of coconut and palm oil) -- falls right in line with the rationale behind the Paleo diet, which encourages followers to eat a clean, organic high-fat and protein diet to stay satiated. Innnnteresting.

I would definitely try it, but I'm still skeptical. It seems like you'd need Asprey's product to really do it right, and then, the only way that could really be beneficial is if you're eating an otherwise strictly Paleo/lean protein/high-veggie/uber-clean diet and not going to town on sugar, carbs, and processed foods like most Americans tend to.

Ultimately, if the goal is to feel more satiated and have more energy, I feel like there are a lot of other, smarter, more realistic options ... like a teaspoon of good fat-packed almond butter with a high-fiber apple or even coconut milk/oil in cooking/baking. Because otherwise, drinking buttered up coffee seems like a high-cal, high-fat, all-around poor decision icing on top of an already high heart disease-risking cake!

What do you think about this weight loss claim? Would you try it?


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nonmember avatar Emily

My fiance has been doing it and lost 20 pounds in less than three months. I was going to start it once I saw his progress, but I got pregnant and didn't want to start drinking coffee.

babyb... babybluejess12

Believe me it works! I started after my third was born and it helped me get rid of my baby weight quicker then I did the first two.

Melissa Young

 I'm pretty sure that David Asprey didn't 'invent' this idea.  My grandfather was 78 when he passed away in '01, and he'd been putting butter in his coffee since he was introduced to it in boot camp for the Army when he was 18.  Everyone did it because they were told to, since it gave them the extra calories to keep them fueled without having them overeat.

nonmember avatar Liz

Bullet proof coffee is great, don't knock it, and in fact drinking coffee has all sorts of surprising health benefits, just be sure the coffee you use is good coffee!! I have mine with butter and coconut oil, which is even nicer - and healthier !!

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