Brooke Burke Tells Us Her 3 Simple Tips for Staying in Shape

Brooke BurkeWhen you're striving to get in shape, it's easy to look to a few toned celebrities for a little fitness inspiration. In terms of A-listers who are on their fit game, Brooke Burke is hands down on the top of the list. The 41-year-old co-host of Dancing With the Stars is in killer shape. Have you seen those legs? And oh JEEZ -- her six-pack? Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it!

So how does a busy mother of four, TV host, and model stay in such great shape? Lucky for you, we recently talked to Brooke Burke in an exclusive The Stir interview to get her get-fit tips.

Check out Brooke's 3 biggest secrets to staying in shape



1. Schedule your workouts: Brooke is all about making sure that she sets aside time to workout during her busy week. "I schedule my workouts just like I schedule anything for my family," she says.

Whether it's choosing a spin class to go to on Wednesday at the beginning of the week or calling up a girlfriend to go for a long run the next morning, making plans to workout means that you'll actually get it done. Even if it's just knowing that you are going to wake up an extra hour earlier to go to the gym, you'll be happier knowing you have a block of time dedicated to staying in shape.

2. Make yourself a priority: I am so guilty of this. When it comes to the busy rush of life, I'm always focused on things like work or making others around me happy before myself. Brooke says you need to prioritize your needs sometimes, too. "[Women need to] allow themselves to be important enough, to make themselves a priority and to be able to accomplish their goals," Burke says.

3. Be conscience about what you eat: Brooke doesn't believe in dieting. What she does believe in, though, is "being conscience and intelligent about what you're eating." In other words, there's no need to completely eliminate specific foods from your diet as long as you can handle them in moderation. Instead of splurging on an a large sundae, for example, opt for a healthier portion of frozen yogurt instead.

Do you think Brooke has good get-fit tips? Do you have any of your own to share?


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