Fantastic Tampon Ad Shows Choosing the Right One Can Be a Matter of Life or Death (VIDEO)

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Russian Tampon commercialA Russian tampon commercial is making the rounds that easily, hands down the greatest commercial I have ever seen.

Tampon commercials are usually so light, fluffy and full of pastel colors, rainbow romps, and smiling (leak free) young women who can do aerobics and gymnastics with ease! Hooray! So rarely do they ever mention the mess and general discomfort that comes from our periods. They don't mention the stained underwear and cramps and lack of predictability that comes with menstruation.

You would think our periods were all fun and games. But then there is this tampon commercial that shows the REAL danger of a leaky tampon. See below:

See how the shark attacks the woman with the leaky tampon but not the one wearing Tampax. Lucky break for her, no?

It's a side of menstruation few of us have considered, but seriously. More ocean safety comes with better tampons. Look into it.

Now, I would bet there will be those people who find this commercial offensive or bothersome in some way. To those people I say this: Have you ever been attacked by a shark while menstruating? No? Well, you owe that to Tampax. The end.

Do you think this commercial is funny or offensive?




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Mary Fowler

My period seems to stop in water.

Setsuki Setsuki

this commercial just makes me giggle no matter how bad or serious it is. also I love the flying limb

Megan Johnson

I laughed so hard when I saw this yesterday.  

Taisie Taisie

lol, this was great, and seriously, I HAVE thought about leaky tampons and going in the ocean before. I stayed OUT of the water for just this reason! LOL

nonmember avatar jess

it is funny, and i am not offended by it, but holy shit imagine if a 12year old girl watched that.

Rose Blankenship

I agree with period stops as soon as I am in any water........tub, etc etc

Faith PurplePenguin Elliott

mine do to. but i also dont live near an ocean so....yeah...funny commercial though.lmao

Erika Davis

I don't think its offensive, its honestly true. If you go in the water leaking blood you have a better chance of attracting sharks. Then everyone will flip out and start killing sharks when their numbers are already too low. We need them to keep the ocean clean.

teddy... teddysmama09

I have to say, I was a little suprised that they showed the flying limbs (I can't see American channels running that) but it definately gets the message across! I liked it! So far it's the best tampon commercial I've ever seen.

Foriegn commercials are usually so much better than ours.

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