Henry Cavill's 'Man of Steel' Diet May Not Have Been as Extreme as We Thought

Henry CavillBold statement: I don't know if ANYONE in Hollywood is as on fire as Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. Like if anyone were to ever have the whole tall, dark, and handsome thing nailed down pat, it's 100 percent him. While Man of Steel reviews are slowly rolling out, so are the details of Henry Cavill's intense diet for the flick. First, we heard all about the 30-year-old starving himself to look good for the shirtless scenes. Now, Cavill's opening up to People saying there was more to the diet than just skipping meals. 

The good part? He didn't have to completely cut out any specific foods. The bad part? He did have to cut his daily calories a LOT. As in, in half. Apparently getting in Superman shape takes dedication.

Sounds ... aggressive, but not as bad as I expected. Check out Henry Cavill's complete diet details, here:


Cavill told People that his diet consisted of 2,500 calories a day -- down from the 5,000 he used to consume. He also said he worked out an hour every morning before filming.

Sounds kind of standard for someone trying to drop weight, yes? Sure. But think of it this way: Caville is a big guy who burned a lot of calories regularly between his workouts and the intense action on set. In the scheme of things, 2,500 calories is not all that much, especially for someone of his size.

Cavill is clearly amped to be done with the Superman-style eating and exercise routine, though. After the movie finally wrapped, the star told People that he splurged on three delicious foods -- an apple pie, a tub of ice cream, and a full pizza.

The things I would do to consume an apple pie with Henry! With or without that splurge, sounds like now that this Superman gig is all wrapped up, someone is in perfect shape for another sexy role (ahem, Christian Grey perhaps?).

Do you think Henry's hard work paid off? Have you see Man of Steel?


Image via Warner Bros.

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