20 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Having Kids

Emily Abbate | Jun 11, 2013 Healthy Living

20 Things to Do Before Having KidsI turned 25 last week. After I got over the shock that, yes, I am officially a quarter century old now, my wheels started turning. Yeah, there's no marriage material man in my life at the moment. For all I know, though, I could meet Prince Charming next week, he'll sweep me off my feet, and in three years time, I'll be pregnant with a kiddo on the way. Yes: I could be just a few years away from getting pregnant. Holy. Shit.

I'll admit it's a little scary. Heck, it's frightening. True statement: Life changes forever the second you have that baby. You lose a whole lot of "me" time and a whole lot of freedom. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but well, you know what I'm sayin'.

That's why I figured it was about time for a list. A pre-baby list, to be exact. The best part? Without a steady man in my life, I'll have MUCH more time to check this stuff off. Thus I present you with 20 things I want to do before having kid(s).

Yes, the "s" is optional ... for now.

Did you have a pre-kids bucket list?

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  • 1. Sleep In


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    I'm a morning person, so this is especially difficult for me. I can do it. I can allow myself an entire morning, heck, an entire DAY in bed. I can find sanctuary in my covers. God knows that won't happen too often once I have a little one running around.

  • 2. Buy a Car


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    Can you blame a girl for wanting something with a little vroom to it? I'm pretty sure the carseat won't fit too well in my BMW, so I'll have to check this item off the to-do list ASAP.


  • 3. Go on a Faraway Vacation


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    Now is the time to take off without any commitments and spend some time in a beautiful, faraway locale. Be spontaneous, be adventurous, and most importantly, be daring. My top pick is Hawaii, preferably with a piña colada glued to my right hand.

  • 4. Spend ... On Yourself


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    I suck at this. Like, seriously. Tell me to buy my dad a Father's Day present and I can throw down $80 no problem. But something for me? Forgetaboutit. The truth? Now is the time to spend on myself. Maybe some new shoes. Heck, maybe even a new purse, a cute skirt, and some sweet tights while I'm at it.

  • 5. Go Out to Eat ... All Out


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    Now is the time to eat things that I enjoy and not have to worry about anyone else. For example, do you love some obscure dish like roasted duck with chili pepper caviar? Then shoot, you go EAT some of that. While you're at it, enjoy a nice glass of bubbly ... or six. Get trashed. Take a cab home. Now is our time to dine in style.

  • 6. Morning Sex


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    Quick! While there's still time! This is the best time in our lives to have uninterrupted sex because we WANT to and we're not in a rush, not because you haven't had time to do it in a week or you just haven't been in the mood. Having it in the morning, well, I guess that's just my choice.

  • 7. Buy Nice Clothes


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    I have this feeling that, right now, I have the best figure of my life. I mean, come on, post-kids, who KNOWS what will happen. I'm willing to take fashion risks and don't care what someone else thinks about 'em (for the most part).

    Now is the time to splurge on clothes because we can. Go on, splurge on the one item you don't think you could ever live without. Oh, and a pair of GREAT heels. We all need those.

  • 8. Vegas


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    Whether you've been there already or you haven't, get to Vegas right now. As in, yesterday.

    I've been. I need to go again. Believe me, it'll be the time of your life. I needed DAYS to fully mentally recover from my trip to Sin City. Days that I only have now when I'm young and can take a sick day from work for me instead of one to take care of my (soon-to-be) child and their nasty ear infection.

  • 9. Work at a Job You Love & Work Hard


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    Now is the time to focus on work. My advice: find a job you love, and work at it ... hard. Spend extra hours at the office. Think outside the box.

  • 10. Spend HOURS at the Mall


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    Why not, right? No one's begging me to pick them up from soccer practice. Why not go to multiple malls? Start a mall tour? Check one mall off a week from a list of AWESOME local malls. By definition, I'm gonna say "local" means within four hours driving distance.

  • 11. Learn How to Cook REALLY Well


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    I like to cook, but I only have a few things in my repertoire. Now is the time to experiment, try new things. Cook for myself and myself only. Mistakes don't mean a thing now ... unless you light something on fire. Neither does calorie content (well, it doesn't have to).

  • 12. Make a Local To-Do List


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    Big city or small town, there are always places in our local areas that we mean to check out but just can't find the time. Beer gardens, biking paths, museums, you name it. I've been working on this ever since I moved to NYC, and every time I check something off, it's uber rewarding.

  • 13. Go to Drunch


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    Yes, I said "drunch." Otherwise known as "drunk brunch." When else in life is it OK to get decently intoxicated in the middle of the day and enjoy having nothing specific to do besides lounge around in your post-brunch haze? Right now. I suggest a great spot with unlimited bloody Marys or mimosas. Bellinis are OK too, I suppose.

  • 14. Stay Out Until Sunrise


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    ... and remember it. Sure, there's something to be said of a fun night out with the girls that goes until the wee hours of the morning. But watching the sun come up with a clear mind is one of the great joys of life.

  • 15. Run a Full Marathon


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    I'm thinking that now is probably the time I'm in the best shape of my life, which means now is the time to check this off the list. If only 26.2 miles wasn't SO long! Like, how does one not eat for FOUR hours?!

  • 16. A Boudoir Photo Session


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    Channel your inner sex goddess. Go on, I dare you.

  • 17. Spend a Holiday on Vacation


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    Do NOT get me wrong, I LOVE my family more than anything. But I've always been jealous of friends who have the kahunas to jet off for a holiday and spend the time off somewhere exotic. Whether it be London or California (or anywhere else your heart desires) -- see what it's like to celebrate in a non-conventional way.

  • 18. Have Sex Somewhere Public


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  • 19. Go on an All-Girls Vacation


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    Quick, before one of your friends has to spend an hour on the phone with her daughter before bedtime! Doesn't matter where, but give yourself at LEAST two nights. You deserve it.

  • 20. Buy a House


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    This may be the most expensive investment on my pre-kids list, so I'll make it my last. I most definitely want to be in a house when I have my first child. I know things don't always go as planned, but I was fortunate to grow up in a fantastic home with a huge yard to play in. I most definitely want the same for my kiddos.

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