20 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Having Kids

20 Things to Do Before Having KidsI turned 25 last week. After I got over the shock that, yes, I am officially a quarter century old now, my wheels started turning. Yeah, there's no marriage material man in my life at the moment. For all I know, though, I could meet Prince Charming next week, he'll sweep me off my feet, and in three years time, I'll be pregnant with a kiddo on the way. Yes: I could be just a few years away from getting pregnant. Holy. Shit.

I'll admit it's a little scary. Heck, it's frightening. True statement: Life changes forever the second you have that baby. You lose a whole lot of "me" time and a whole lot of freedom. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but well, you know what I'm sayin'.

That's why I figured it was about time for a list. A pre-baby list, to be exact. The best part? Without a steady man in my life, I'll have MUCH more time to check this stuff off. Thus I present you with 20 things I want to do before having kid(s).

Yes, the "s" is optional ... for now.


Did you have a pre-kids bucket list?

Image via Courtney Dirks/Flickr