Woman Stops Eating to Try to Live on Sunlight & Water (VIDEO)

naveena shineEven the most extreme vegans have got nothin' on a Seattle woman named Naveena Shine. The 65-year-old is making headlines for giving up food altogether in order to become a so-called "breatharian" for "at least 40 days" -- although she'd like to shoot for up to six months! Her goal: To see whether she can subsist on water, sunlight, and tea. (Although, some might argue what she really wants is attention, but oookay.)

Shine stopped eating on May 3, posing the following Q to her Facebook followers: "Plants live on light, then we eat plants. Are we simply not accessing our inherent ability to live on light?" Uhhh, whaat?


Shine attributes her desire to conduct the experiment to having received a "'calling' from within, from the Universe," to find out if it is actually possible for a human to "live on light."

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Apparently, obscure Yogis have done this same kind of "fast" before, so Shine didn't completely come up with the idea out of the blue. But that doesn't make it any less extreme and worrisome. The questions she seems to be trying to answer sound like something you might ask, in theory, after doing a certain kind of mind-altering drug ... Not somethng you'd truly attempt to do for 40 days!

I'm also worried that there's a chance this is just a cover for  disordered behaviors and feelings Shine has about food. For example, she asked in a blog post:

Can you imagine, if we did not have to eat, just how free our lives would be? A vast amount of time, effort and resources go into merely putting food on the table. If humans did not have to eat, we could turn our planet back into a place of beauty.

Sure, okay, I've wondered something similar, but mostly just when I've been short on time and frustrated with having to come up with a dinner recipe that's not chicken for the eight gazillionth time. As "freeing" as it may be to not have to worry about things like that, the rational part of my brain should remind you that there's absolutely nothing liberating about having extremely low blood sugar, stomach pains, a slew of other side effects caused by starving yourself.

By the way, although she's lost weight (obviously), Shine has reported "weakness, throwing up bile, dizziness, and frozen hands." Grrrreat. She also seems to spend most of her time sleeping. Maybe because she isn't giving herself the fuel she needs to do much of anything else.

Hopefully, this woman realizes she needs to eat actual food instead of "light" -- before she does serious damage to her body and her brain.

Here's Shine's first video in the series ...

How crazy is this?!


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