Lady Gaga Shows Off Slender Bikini Body Just Months After Being Called 'Fat'

Lady GagaAt the end of last year, Lady Gaga was very upfront about her 25-pound weight gain. While the "Born This Way" singer said she didn't feel bad about the added pounds, saying her boyfriend likes her better with curves, she did admit that she wanted to work on finding a balance. And recent bikini photos of Lady Gaga show that she most certainly has.

Gaga debuted her toned figure on June 6 while on vacation in Mexico, and I'll be honest with ya -- she is looking fiiiiineee and looks truly happy. In most other cases when celebs drop a lot of weight, we see them plastered all over tabloids and websites. I commend Gaga for doing this the right way, not bringing attention to herself, doing it for her and no one else.


When it comes down to it, that's what losing weight should really be about: yourself and no one else. Do I think the negative attention got to Gaga? Heck, I'm sure it did. I'm sure that was definitely a motivating factor for her to find a balance between eating and working out. It's NEVER easy to have other people criticize your body.

At the end of the day, though, Gaga doesn't feel the need to brag about her weight loss and that shows that she's in an excellent place. That shows that she knows she's done well by herself, and hopefully she'll be able to upkeep this healthier lifestyle.

Do you think Gaga's lookin' trim?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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