Paris Jackson Shouldn't Be Pressured to Make Her 'Film Debut' So Soon After Suicide Attempt

Paris JacksonJust one day after Paris Jackson's June 5 suicide attempt, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively that Paris will be ready for her film-debut in Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys post-recovery. Dennis Christen, who wrote the book upon which the film is based, confirms that yes -- the movie is still a 100 percent go as pre-production wraps up. Seriously.

"Paris will do a delightful job in her role," Christen tells Us. "We are confident that when we are ready to roll the cameras, she will be ready for the task."

Let's just recap for a second, shall we? Just yesterday the 15-year-old took 20 Motrin, cut herself with a kitchen knife, and left a suicide note. She has some major depression issues. Whether or not she's "physically" fine, the way I see it, this girl does NOT need to rush back into full-time work mode and the spotlight. It's not what Michael would have wanted, and it is NOT healthy.


What Paris just went through was majorly traumatic. The teen is clearly going through a lot of issues and mentally, is suffering greatly years after her father's death. Now is a time for Paris to seek out help, to focus on herself. Paris needs to take a step back, out of the spotlight, and focus on what's important: her well being.

I just don't see how anyone with a good head on their shoulders would think that after a scary event like this, Paris getting wrapped up filming a big movie would be a great idea. Anyone that really wants what's best for her needs to encourage her otherwise. Anyone that really wants what's best for her needs to let her breathe. There's no doubt that the pressure of memorizing lines and being on-call is going to worsen her situation.

Do you think Paris needs more recovery time? Do you think this is asking way too much?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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