Kelly Osbourne Says She Lost Weight Because She Was Sick of Herself

Kelly OsbourneI don't know if you guys have been paying attention, but Kelly Osbourne looks phenomenal. OK, maybe better than phenomenal. Extraordinary. The 28-year-old E! Fashion Police co-host has dropped 70 pounds and never looked happier. On Good Morning America Tuesday morning, Kelly dished about her weight loss journey, saying that she's learned dieting isn't JUST about what you eat, it's about learning what you really want.

"I was sick and tired of not liking myself ... I realized I didn't wanna be the person I was anymore," Osbourne said. "The weight loss just kinda came as a plus afterwards."

Osbourne has a MAJOR point. I wouldn't be surprised if a bazillion of you can relate to that big realization, that big moment. You know, that "I'm at my wits' end with my body and this needs to change now" moment. I most certainly have.


Sure, you can attempt one of a bazillion fad diets on the market. You may lose weight doing it, too. But it isn't until you REALLY decide that you need to make this change to better your life permanently that the results will stick.

For me, that realization moment was stepping on a scale for the first time in months and seeing a number that scared me shitless. For me, that realization moment was filled with tears, then sweat as I decided to run off my frustrations (even if it was only for a quarter of a mile sprint). For others, that moment could be different. That moment could be sparked by someone shooting a picture of you and you being displeased at what's in front of you. That moment could be mid-bite of a piece of cake. That moment could be after seeing something on TV. It can be anywhere, anytime.

No matter when that moment of realization comes to fruition, it's important to understand and go with your gut. Sure, making healthy changes may be inconvenient. It may mean planning ahead. But once your journey is well underway, you'll be thankful you committed to bettering yourself and your body.

Have you lost weight in the past and had a moment that kickstarted your efforts? Can you relate to Kelly?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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