Vegetarians Take on Meat-Eaters AGAIN: Who Lives Longer?

vegetarians live longerFor the gazillionth time, someone has funded a study that is reporting a conclusion mankind has known for centuries: Vegetarians live longer. Surprise, surprise.

The study looked at just over 73K Seventh-day Adventists (because the church promotes vegetarianism), and over the six years participants were tracked, those who didn't eat meat experienced 12 percent fewer deaths. Non-meat eaters fared especially better when it came to heart disease -- 19 percent less likely to die than meat-eaters -- and they also avoided kidney failure and diabetes.

Interestingly, though, vegetarians were just as likely to get cancer, and men were more protected by vegetarianism than women were.

Still, color me unimpressed. Vegetarians can take their slightly better longevity filled with years of eating beans and tofu. I'll keep my organic chicken burrito bowls and grass-fed steaks, thankyouverymuch.


Trust me, it has nothing to do with feeling superior as a meat-eater!  Believe me, I've tried to go veg. But I'm a strong believer that everyone's dietary needs are different, and being a vegetarian doesn't suit me personally. I wouldn't be happy or satisfied or feel as vital without meat.

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And I know there are other people in the same boat who will live full, healthy lives. Which leads me to wondering why researchers can't admit there's no black and white answer when it comes to vegetarian vs. carnivore. My educated guess would be that ultimately, longevity doesn't really boil down to being one or the other. It has to do with eating healthfully overall!

Do you believe being a vegetarian has superior health benefits to eating meat?

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