Alarming Splenda Side Effects Could Mean Sugar Is Better After All

SplendaI'll just be straightforward with it: I've never been able to jump on the Splenda bandwagon. Mostly because, well, I don't like the "fake" taste of it. And according to a new study from Washington University School of Medicine, I could be lucky my taste buds aren't into it.

The study reveals that Splenda and other sucralose artificial sweeteners could affect the body's insulin response. To be more specific, consuming Splenda affects the body's responses to sugar, which hand in hand heightens diabetes risk even though, yes, it is calorie free. It's a mouthful, but essentially if you're a Splenda fan -- BE WARNED.

To be real, there are a whole slew of other reasons that choosing Splenda could be a dangerous move. Let's dish, shall we?


Just like many things, Splenda has negative effects. The sucralose sweetener has been shown to cause nausea, headaches, and even seizures in some. Plus, other studies have indicated that Splenda intake destroys beneficial intestinal bacteria and could interfere with prescription drug absorption. Eeek!

Listen, I get it. I think at this point, so many people have made the switch from sugar to Splenda because they think the substitute is healthier. People think Splenda and think "this is the better choice." I understand that sugar has its negatives too and that's why people lean on Splenda. Heck, sugar can play a major role in heart disease, cancer, and overall obesity.

So is there an answer to choosing one over the other? Probably not. But personally, I just feel safer with sugar. One thing's for sure: the best thing we can all do is use the substances in moderation. The more cautious you are about what you're consuming, the safer your health will be in the long run.

Are you a Splenda fan? If so, why?


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