5 Summer Ailments & How to Heal Them

summer sicknessThe summer is high time for many things. There's the fun stuff, you know, like swimming and popsicles and cold beers on the back deck. Then there's the not so fun stuff -- the sicknesses. Yeah, summer may not be the first season you think of when it comes to being under the weather, but the warm months can lead to infections, viruses, and heat-influenced disease. 

Educate yourself so you can gear up for the summer season. Check out these 5 summer ailments and how to heal them:


1. West Nile Virus
Symptoms: Headache, high fever, numbness, vision loss, body aches, swollen lymph glands, or a skin rash. Note: 4 out of 5 people do not show any symptoms.
Treatment: No specific treatment. Generally those infected wait out the sickness; however, if it is bad enough -- patients can go to a hospital to get IV fluids.

2. Lyme Disease
Symptoms: Transmitted through the bite of infected back-legged ticks, symptoms of Lyme Disease include fatigue, headache, and a distinctive skin rash called erythema migrans.
Treatment: Antibiotics.

3. Foodborne Illnesses
Symptoms: Upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, dehydration, nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps.
Treatment: The only necessary treatment for foodborne illnesses, which are more common in the summer, is replacing fluids and electrolytes in order to prevent dehydration.

4. E-coli
Symptoms: Sudden diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, stomach cramping. Generally these develop about 24 to 72 hours after infection.
Treatment: None. This is something that has to pass on its own. If loss of fluids is great, going to a hospital for an IV is recommended, as is LOTS of rest.

5. Heat Illness/Sun Poisoning
Exhaustion, fever, fatigue, weakness, upset stomach, confusion.
Treatment: Big shocker: get out of the sun immediately. Attempt to up your fluid intake, take a cool shower or bath, and completely cover your body when going back outside. If your sun poisoning symptoms are more severe, it's important to get to a hospital.

Have you ever dealt with any of these common summer ailments?


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