Cindy Crawford Says Losing Those Last 5 Pounds Isn't Worth It -- AMEN!

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford is a famous supermodel whose looks opened every door and who spent her 20s and 30s being adored largely because she was stunning. But even she isn't immune to the pain of aging and the way it makes you feel about your looks.

She admits that as she nears 50, she is struggling to come to terms with her looks and her new body, but that for her, losing five pounds is not worth what she would have to give up. It's the best diet advice I have ever heard.

As Cindy said in a recent interview:


For me, being five pounds lighter, what it would cost me ... I don’t want to be like, oh no, no salad dressing, no wine, no fun.


This is how I feel about weight loss as I get older, too. In my 20s, I ran so much, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and maintained chiseled abs and a size 2/4. Now in my mid-30s, it's far more difficult. Those binges on peanut butter cups don't do my body much good, and even though I am smart about exercise and mostly eat pretty well, I also am about 5 pounds heavier than I was pre-kid.

I can (and have) taken those pounds off, but they don't stay off if I want to eat what I love. And that has to be OK. The food is too good to pass up.

We aren't talking about obesity or any kind of danger here. And neither is Cindy. But when you have been in great shape, it's hard to let it go and accept being in mediocre shape. The tradeoff is worth it, though.

She's not advocating shoveling nasty fried foods down your throat all day long, but she is supporting the general acceptance that as we get older, our bodies change and that some things matter more than perfection or impossible standards. On my death bed, I am going to wish I had that pizza. I am not going to wish I kept my perfect abs.

Do you agree with Cindy's advice?


Image via Bonita Suraputra/Flickr

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