Amanda Bynes’ Parents Reportedly Fear She Has Schizophrenia: Could They Be Right?

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes' behavior has gotten so bizarre that it's no wonder that her parents are reportedly concerned that she has schizophrenia. Amanda has never sought medical or mental health treatment, and when she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility after being arrested for possession of marijuana in New York, psychiatrists determined her hold was unwarranted. But what IS up with Amanda?

Her behavior goes beyond mere star antics. She seems paranoid and is continually calling people "ugly" on Twitter. She accused a cop of "slapping her vagina." She claims she is allergic to drugs despite much anecdotal evidence to the contrary. She threatened to sue any tabloid that used a picture of her "old nose." Hey, just that wig is weird enough. Amanda's parents reportedly fear she has schizophrenia. Could they be right?


RadarOnline reports that Amanda's parents, Rick and Lynn, with whom she has been estranged for years, are definitely concerned about their daughter's mental health and have been for a long time. Says a source:

Amanda has heard voices for years, and was concerned she was being spied on via smoke alarms, and clocks in her home. She would cover electronic items because Amanda believed that was the only way she wouldn’t be spied on. It’s extremely sad situation because Amanda just refuses to get help.

Dr. Drew seems to agree that Amanda appears to be in a "manic" phase. And, at 27, she is at the age where schizophrenia usually makes a full-blown appearance.

Amanda exhibits some early schizophrenia signs -- most notably she seems to be terribly paranoid. She seems to think everyone is out to get her (she once accused her family of stealing all of her money, yet has also repeatedly called herself a "multimillionaire"). She also has delusions of grandeur -- exhibited mostly on Twitter, where she once asked President Obama to look into her DUI. She also randomly lashes out at people, her two favorite insults being that someone is "old" and "ugly." She recently lashed out at Rihanna, Courtney Love, and model Chrissy Teigen. If anyone calls her out on this, she usually backpedals and says it wasn't her. She wants to be a rapper. Her long tweets seem to show disjointed thinking.

Once was a time that celebs could have private meltdowns and mental health flare-ups, but no longer -- not when they get online and Tweet every mental blip.

Amanda's parents have reportedly been trying to get an involuntary conservatorship over Amanda -- much as Britney Spears' father got over her -- but lawyers have advised that Amanda does not meet the strict criteria for conservatorship.

Amanda certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity to have what appears to be a public manic episode, and most of them ended up okay. (See: Charlie Sheen. See: Britney Spears.) Let's hope the same for Amanda.

Do you know anyone with schizophrenia?

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