'Prancercise' Workout Has Grown Woman Doing the Most Ridiculous, Laugh-Out-Loud Moves Ever (VIDEO)

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PrancerciseAfter watching the hilarious dance walking craze video last year, I thought I had my workout routine for life picked out. Like seriously, why go into a gym and sweat and work when you could simply dance down the street? But then, I saw this prancercise tape. As in prancing, dancing, and exercise combined. It's a 1980s workout that never caught on, but lucky for us, creator Joanna Rohrback's prancertastic workout video is FINALLY going viral. FYI: She. Is. Phenomenal.

The best part? All you need is ankle weights and a free spirit. Well that, and the willingness to attempt moves similar to that of a horse's gait. Right. Channel your inner stallion, and you'll be fit in no time.

But seriously, this is totally hilarious. As in, funniest thing you'll watch all week ... or at LEAST today. Check out the basics of prancercise, here:

I know. It's like, is she serious? Like, do you see what she's doing at 2:37?! THAT GALLOP! Is this a joke? I don't even care -- it's epically fantastic.

And besides, you can't get on this skinny little lady for wanting to get her workout in doing something she enjoys. There are loads of CRAZY workouts that look silly but people still do 'em anyway. Zumba, for one. Or how about stiletto workouts or even upside-down yoga? Yeah, these things look funny in practice, but just like prancercise, they help you get fit.

So heck with it. Whip out the weights and get to prancing. I mean, clearly, this woman's in GREAT shape. It obviously works! I suggest doing it in a group and putting on some '80s leggings and a sweatband to boot. Me, I like mine in hot pink.

Would you ever try prancercise?


Image via Prancercise/YouTube


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nonmember avatar robin

I think it would be just as effective to just skip everywhere. Skipping is great exercise.

nonmember avatar Donna

Forget horses, there is major camel action in this video.

nonmember avatar Todd

We have a lady where i live who does this all the time. Her name is Peaches. She was recently arrested. You do the math, or rather, the dance.

nonmember avatar Nancy Estergard

2 other ladies from work (we are all in our mid 50's)and I have been walking together on breaks for a few weeks and have been doing this kind of exercise. It's actually quite a workout but we have no video.

Cheryl Lugo

Seriously, The original camel toe!!

flowe... flower_momma

Lady, I can see your vagina.

Peter Marquardt

IT is fun...we tried it with the seniors and staff where I am the recreation coordinator....definitely a parody, but everyone got on board (and got kicked out of a restaurant!)Note the change of spelling (so as to not get tangled in with her Johanna Rohrback's copyright) but you can find it at Prancersize, The Senior Way. It is time for other folks to not take themselves too seriously and have fun!

nonmember avatar Thurman

Anyone who think this lady invented something should take a look at the 1987 movie, Dirty Dancing

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