Snooki's Latest Scary Pic Looks Like She's Taking Her Post-Baby Workouts Too Far (PHOTO)

snookiI'll be the first one to admit this: There's a difference between being skinny and frighteningly thin. I hate to say it, but lately Snooki is seeming like the latter. After losing more than 42 pounds, the Jersey Shore star took to Twitter the other day posting a selfie of her skinny bod, captioning it with: "Finally starting to come together after having a baby in there." 

To say that Snooki's skinny picture is alarming is an understatement. Hmmm, sorry Snooks -- but I have a news flash: your body isn't just "coming together." It's teeny. Little. Small. Minuscule. Yeah, you're a small-framed woman to begin with, and the progress you've made since having baby Lorenzo is literally remarkable -- but you need to be put in check. 


I haven't been in Snooki's exact position, but I can definitely relate. It's easy to get into a groove of working out and be excited when you see the fruits of your labor pay off. With that said, though, it's important to be realistic. I'm SURE Snooks is stoked that she's skinnier than before having Lorenzo in the first place. However, she needs to focus on staying healthy and not just shedding as many pounds as possible. And that is often where a partner, family member, or good friend comes in.

When you care about someone, you owe it to them to be honest. What Snooki is probably hoping for right about now is positive reinforcement and encouragement. But sometimes it's more important to be honest. Sometimes, it's more important to deal out what a friend or family member doesn't want to hear. While her hard work and dedication is admirable, her health is most important at the end of the day. Hey Jionni, it may not be easy -- but I think it's about time you give your beautiful wifey a little nudge.

Do you think Snooki is too skinny?


Image via Instagram

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