Beat the Monday Blahs: Inspire Me Today

rainbowWhat is it that we don't like about Mondays? Getting up earlier? Nah, we moms get up early almost everyday of our lives. Is it heading to work for some of us? Maybe.

Whatever it is, I'm determined to make this Monday a little less blah.

I found this website, Inspire Me Today, that might do the trick.


I signed up, for free, and the website sends me cool inspiration from someone experienced and enlightening every morning. Like the one I just read about fully committing to a passionate idea. (My idea is a cute, local online business.) Neat, but here's what I like about the site.

It was started by a mom, Gail Lynne Goodwin, who just wants people to feel better. Before the website, she was helping her daughter, a singer, build her career in Nashville. The pair wrote a song about the U.S. troops called Baby Come Back Home. The troops heard it and invited them to Guantanamo Bay. There she met a soldier to believed that America had forgotten her troops. Determined to prove him wrong, Gail bought some newspaper scrolls and traveled around the country asking regular people to write their good wishes to US soldiers. She collected more than 18 miles worth of notes on paper, and she was invited to present it to Congress.

Now Gail is launching The Global Hug Tour where she vows to give at least 100,000 hugs in 50 global locations in 5 months. "I will be gathering the best wisdom to share with others to demonstrate the oneness of us all and illustrate just how small the world really is," she says.

For more inspiration, check out the awesome group Positive Moms.

So I feel a little better this Monday. Do you get the Monday Blahs?

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