Your Purse Carries So Many Germs That It's Probably Dirtier Than a Public Toilet

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handbagHey you, with the cesspool of nasty germs on your shoulder, listen up. A new study has discovered that a woman's purse has more germs than a public toilet seat. Furthermore, 1 in 5 handbags has enough bacteria on it to be a risk to human health.

You better think twice before handing your kid a napkin from your purse to wipe his nose -- I mean, why don't you just hand him a grenade, why dontcha? Jeez.

The researchers, Initial Washroom Hygiene, concluded that those bottles of hand-cream and moisturizers we carry around in our bags hold on to the most and grossest of germs. Mascara and tubes of lipstick came in second.

There is good news, though. If you're cheap like me, you've been inadvertently doing yourself a favor: leather handbags carry more germs than those made out of synthetics. I've never appreciated my faux-leather bag more.

If you think about it, a woman's bag goes any and everywhere. It hangs on the bathroom door when we need to pee, it finds its way to the bar floor when a hook is unavailable, it brushes up against people on our commute, it acts as home-base during a game of tag, it carries shoes, apples, used tissues, old receipts, makeup, kid toys, dog toys, husband toys, and everything else under the sun.

No wonder they're piles of nastiness!

To keep our bags clean, experts suggest wiping them down every now and again with an anti-bacterial wipe. I don't see why a little Lysol would hurt, either.

I can't wait to spray down my bag (and yours) -- I can almost hear the high-pitched screams of all the germs I'm about to kill. Ah, sweet satisfaction.

Have you ever disinfected your purse?


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doodledo doodledo

Ew. I believe it. I keep my purses clean. I never put my purse on a floor. GROSS. I always have a purse hook. I spend a lot of money on my purses, so I make sure they don't get yucked up. Seeing someone with a grimy, dirty purse always makes me wonder...

Karen Himura

And people wonder why I don't carry a purse. So many risks and now this one...

Sina Rink

First off, this article is ridiculous! If our purses were so toxic, then moms and kids would be dropping like flies from deadly handbag disease!!! Seriously, are ya'll running out of topics to write on????

Roberta Cross

I just whipped down my vinyl wallet with a disinfected wipe I also cleaned all my cards and my twenty dollar bill. I also put a envelope in my purse labeled dirty cards which I use after every transaction. When I get hope I clean that card and put it back in my wallet. I'm not a germa phobe as friends and family that have been to home can attest to. If you think about it these cards get around. When I go to the butcher I'm particularly careful since I see them handle the meat with these papers but their hands touch the meat. Then they take my debit card and handle that. You see the picture.

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