My 10-Day Detox Diet Did Something to My Body I Didn't Expect

Mom and son at EpcotSo, remember a couple weeks ago when I told you about the 10-day detox I decided to start in an effort to clean out my system, hopefully shed a few pounds, and restore my energy?

Yeah, well I'm all done with that now. Actually, I finished it last week, but then we went on vacation for a few days, so I haven't had time to talk about it.

To refresh your memory, this was a food-based detox from Whole Health Designs, which meant I got to eat three meals a day plus two snacks.

Of course, I had to give up caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, wheat, dairy, and processed food -- but OH MY GOD was it worth it.


In just 10 days, I lost about 5 pounds, went down a dress size, and flipped the switch on my motivation back on -- to the point where I feel so amazing and have so much energy I even worked out while I was traveling. (Did I mention I was at Disney World? Who works out at Disney World? This girl.)

And while the physical changes the detox brought on were definitely welcome, the effect it had on my emotional and mental state may prove to be the most beneficial part of the whole deal. When you are putting good, clean, healthy things into your body, it's like it fills you up with positivity, peace, and clarity. In contrast, when you're eating junk, there's nothing fueling your mind and body but fluff, which makes you feel depressed, lethargic, and totally unmotivated.

To put it plain and simple, this detox gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get back into a healthy lifestyle -- and I only wish I'd done it months ago instead of waiting for spring to roll around. Instead of wanting to crawl into bed at the end of the day, I want to go for a long walk. And in lieu of craving a fat glass of wine, I'm ready to curl up on the couch with a cup of herbal tea at the end of the night. (Who am I?) Most importantly, I'm feeling confident and sure of myself again instead of wallowing in my own exhaustion and misery.

On that note, if you've ever considered doing a detox yourself, I can't recommended it highly enough. I won't lie, it's not easy. Making it through 10 days without your vices is hard, and it's tough to resist temptation along the way. But the refreshment and nourishment your mind, body, and soul receive in return is absolutely worth it -- 100 percent.

Are you ready to give detoxing a shot?


Image via Mary Fischer

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