Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy Sparks Hateful Jokes About Breasts & Brad Pitt

Angelina JolieThe world was shocked yesterday when Angelina Jolie revealed that she had had a double mastectomy because she had an 87 percent chance of getting cancer due to being a carrier of the BRCA1 gene. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died at age 56 of ovarian cancer, and Angelina will likely have her ovaries removed next. She's said she wants to make sure that she is around for her six children and they don't need to fear losing her within the next decade or so. You would think that any woman going through such a thing would bring out people's compassionate side, and it did in many. But there was the sadly predictable cawings from the haterade crowd. They are the ones who immediately began making breast jokes. Who actually blamed Angelina's cancer on her affair with Brad Pitt.


When someone posted the news on Facebook and another person made the comment, "And they were sooooooo magnificent!!! ... they will be missed," that person got an earful from others in the thread. But the person seemed to think that his (I can't imagine it was a her) joke was just fine.

Many reactions on Twitter were just as crass, seeing Angelina as nothing more than a beautiful woman who had lost her beautiful boobs. "Please tell me they didn't throw away Angelina's old boobs. PLEASE," wrote one.

Others were convinced her mastectomy was the result of payback for her affair with Brad Pitt. Wrote one: "Angelina had to remove her boobs. I call that karma hoe!"

And Howard Stern supposedly asked on air if Jen Aniston had texted a picture of her boobs to Brad Pitt.

I guess tending to orphans and refugees all over the world doesn't erase the idea that Angelina may have hooked up with Brad Pitt while he was married. And certainly having the cancer gene won't. As if Brad Pitt had nothing to do with anything. You can be sure if he had had his penis removed, no one would be calling karma on him for destroying his own marriage.

Not to mention that Jen's man, Justin Theroux, had been living with a woman for 14 years when he hooked up with Jen? Hmm. No one seems to care about that. Anyway, back to Angelina ...

The haters are obviously sad, miserable people who will get their due when sickness hits them, as it inevitably does. Sorry, no one gets out of here alive.

As for the ones focused on Angelina's surgically removed breasts, most of us know what Brad Pitt knows. Angelina, a woman who cares about the plight of unfortunate women and children all over the world, who puts herself in war zones (while Jen is grabbing a latte), and who brings attention to the starving, and who adopts the abandoned, doesn't need her breasts to be the magnificent person she already is.

Why do you think people would make fun of Angelina now?


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