The 5 Most Obese Professions: Is Yours on the List?

ObesityI don't know about you, but sitting at a desk job is the perfect platform for me to be the ultimate fatty no friends. OK, I'll be more specific: I feel like half of the time I'm at work, I'm eating. Which is why I was surprised that when it comes to worker-obesity statistics, blogger is not topping the list of most obese workers in America.

Who would have thought that there are statistics depicting what workers are the heaviest, eh? Indeed -- according to the new Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, all jobs are not created equal. In fact, the jobs that required less education and paid little are also the ones that have the highest rates of obesity in the U.S.

Hey, I guess it makes sense. Being less educated means you're less aware of the health risks associated with obesity, including high blood pressure, gallstones, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea, among other conditions.

Click through to see what the top 5 most obese professions are:

Do any of these jobs surprise you?


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Choco... Chocodoxies

Ther is nothing here to click through...

nonmember avatar Sarah

Transportation makes sense...

mleil... mleilanim

Yeah I'm sittin here w my milk & oreos....nothin to click through. LOL

nonmember avatar Cass

^ Dont know what they're talking about.

They're all very sedentary jobs which don't require an education. What do you expect?

nonmember avatar Samantha

Is anyone not any of these? Most vague job description clumps ever

youth... youthfulsoul

Manager and executive=no education? I disagree.

mleil... mleilanim

Looks like being a pillow of a repair man keeps ya thin n trim. LOL

Melan... MelanieJK

Manager and executive usually do require an education.    Official might too.     

What is "office" (vs clerical)?    If that's anybody who works in an office it could include a whole lot of professions that require degrees. 

Freela Freela

It kind of makes sense, as those are largely jobs that require you to sit and not do anything physical for a large part of your day.

I've had a harder time maintaining my weight since I got a computer-bound job... I still find time to exercise, but spending 6 or so hours sitting on my butt every day obviously means less calories burned then when I would spend those hours chasing the kids around, walking to and from school, etc.

cleig... cleigh717

How many different ways can you say duh! ?

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