7 Funny Things That (Supposedly) Happen to You When You're Ovulating

Kiri Blakeley | May 13, 2013 Healthy Living

Have you noticed that everything goes totally kooky at certain times of the month? Like THAT time of the month? You know that time -- the time you're ovulating. It's like suddenly you drop down a rabbit hole and into Alice's surreal wonderland. Everyone you make eye contact with starts macking on you. You're suddenly attracted to bearded guys who wear leather, have tattoos, and carry brass knuckles. Oh, and you begin voting strangely. Like you were all set to vote for Romney up until your egg dropped and then it was like, Obama will save the world! I know. SO WEIRD. But it's alllll backed up by science, people. Here are 7 things that (supposedly) happen while you're ovulating.


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  • You Vote Differently


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    According to a study, your ovulation cycle affects who you vote for. Single women who were ovulating became more liberal and likely to vote for Obama. Married ovulating women became more conservative and likely to vote for Romney. If a presidential candidate can learn to harness ovulation power, he'll be a shoo-in!

  • You Won't Try to Hook Up With the Hot Gay Dude


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    Ever feel like your gaydar is off? Find yourself flirting with a hot guy only to feel your cheeks burning when he invites you to join him and his boyfriend at their Fire Island cottage? Well, you're not alone. Apparently women have crappy gaydar -- until they ovulate! Then they TOTALLY knew Anderson Cooper was gay.

  • You Earn More Money -- If You're a Stripper at Least


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    If you're a stripper, you do not want to ever menstruate or be on birth control. Reason? Your tips are SO much worse during those times. On the other hand, if you can figure out how to ovulate 24/7, you'll be able to retire pretty quickly. Tips were that much better during ovulation. No word how this windfall translates to those of us who earn a living with our clothes on.

  • You Go for the Bad Boy (But at Least Not the Gay One)


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    Watch out who you choose to date when you're wearing your "ovulation glasses" -- apparently when that egg is droppin', we prefer the bad boy wham bam thank you ma'am type. Which isn't so bad sometimes.

  • Everybody Wants You


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    If you don't want the grocer, the baker, and the barbershop maker hitting on you, then do NOT go out when you'e ovulating! You have been warned!

  • You're Better at Spotting Snakes


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    Women are apparently better at spotting snakes when they're ovulating, which makes total sense! When that egg is ready to make a baby, you're gonna be looking around for some trouser snake, amiright?

  • You Become a Total Bitch


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    When you're ovulating, you apparently become all erratic and crotchety and are more likely to break up with your boyfriend because you don't find him sexually attractive. Aaaaand you're more likely to cheat. With a bad boy, of course. Or maybe a snake. Or Obama.

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