7 Funny Things That (Supposedly) Happen to You When You're Ovulating

Kiri Blakeley | May 13, 2013 Healthy Living

Have you noticed that everything goes totally kooky at certain times of the month? Like THAT time of the month? You know that time -- the time you're ovulating. It's like suddenly you drop down a rabbit hole and into Alice's surreal wonderland. Everyone you make eye contact with starts macking on you. You're suddenly attracted to bearded guys who wear leather, have tattoos, and carry brass knuckles. Oh, and you begin voting strangely. Like you were all set to vote for Romney up until your egg dropped and then it was like, Obama will save the world! I know. SO WEIRD. But it's alllll backed up by science, people. Here are 7 things that (supposedly) happen while you're ovulating.


Image via hello-julie/Flickr

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