5 Mother's Day Gifts Stressed-Out Moms Will LOVE

stress Are you a stressed-out mom? HA!! As if there were any other kind. Or perhaps you have a stressed-out mom in your life (again, if you have a mom in your life at all, then YES, you have a stressed-out mom in your life). One more question: Are you a last-minute shopper? (I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and guess the answer is "yes" yet again.)

Anyway. Whether you're still on need of the perfect Mother's Day gift for a certain stressed-out someone or you're looking to drop a few hints, we've got a few suggestions guaranteed to save the day. Because you know what they say: If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. NOBODY. You got that?!

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  • Unlimited yoga classes (anytime, anywhere)


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    We all know yoga is great for everything from getting in shape to relieving stress to clearing the mind of mommy-fog, but who can find the time and/or childcare to get to a class? My Yoga Online is offering moms free unlimited access to over 1,000 online yoga sessions (including classes led by Beyonce and Ashley Judd's trainers) from May 12 to May 31. Spring for a membership when the time is up.

  • A night at a fancy hotel


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    Give mom the gift of ... solitude! Not to mention somebody else making the bed.

  • A day at the spa


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    Splurge on an entire spa experience -- or just choose her favorite treatment, like a facial, massage, blow-out, mani-pedi, etc.

  • A mall shopping spree


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    1. Drop mom off at the mall with handful of gift cards 2. Watch her make a run for it.

  • Girl's night out


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    Round up a few of mom's BFFs, make reservations at her favorite restaurant, and DON'T set a curfew.

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