'Star Trek' Actress' Drastic Spinach Diet Sounds Like a Death Wish

spinachWe've all heard crazy stories of actors getting in shape for big movie roles. Heck, I felt nauseated just listening to Anne Hathaway dish on her Les Miserables oatmeal paste diet a few months ago. And oh god, remember how small Matthew McConaughey was last year? The latest wallop comes from Alice Eve, star of the new film Star Trek Into Darkness. The actress revealed that in order to fit in her teeny little spacesuit, she went on a spinach diet for five months. The actress told The Telegraph that it was the only way she could get into "proper fighting shape."

A spinach diet. Well THIS is something new, eh?


It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. With only a few exceptions, the actress solely ate spinach for five months during filming of the movie. Five months of green. That sounds ... boring as hell. I look forward to eating every single meal. How could you EVER look forward to spinach every single day?

I get it, these are extreme circumstances. When it comes down to it, though, diets like this may help you lose weight, but there's no way the results will stick for long once you incorporate other things back into the mix. The best kind of diets are the ones where you don't feel as restricted. If you're a person who acknowledges you have a chocolate addiction (raises hand) -- then you'll be better off allowing yourself a nibble here and there instead of saying it's on the "no list." Otherwise THAT is when binging happens. Been there, done that.

I will say this, Alice is lookin' fine. I'm just interested to know what she's doing now that filming's over. Time to splurge for some dressing with those greens?

Have you ever done an extreme diet like this one? Did you find the results you were looking for?


Image via mnem/Flickr

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