The 11 Worst Things About Allergies ... Demonstrated by Ridiculously Cute Kids

baby flowersAh, the springtime is such a lovely time of year ... if only the blue skies and budding flowers weren't accompanied by allergy symptoms so miserable you're scared to even go outside. SO unfair! Plus, unlike a case of the winter sniffles, allergies don't generally come and go after just a few days. Seasonal allergies = allergies all season long. Ain't nobody got time for that!

If you're one of the dwindling few who don't suffer a slew of unbearably uncomfortable symptoms this time of year, you'll consider yourself lucky after checking out our choices for the 11 worst things about these highly allergenic months -- illustrated by priceless photos of kids who clearly know the specific brand of torture we're talking about. (If you DO have allergies, these will probably make you laugh. Or cry. Or both.)

Image via Olga/Flickr

  • Feeling like you're about to sneeze all the time


    Image via mollypop/Flickr

    Why are there microscopic dwarves constantly tickling my nose with teeny-tiny feathers! Make them stop!!


  • Eyes that just won't stop itching


    Image via Heather & Tim/Flickr

    Somebody keeps pouring sand in my eyes!

  • Constantly reaching for another tissue


    Image via superhua/Flickr

    I might as well just glue this tissue to my face. I'm not even sure if I have a nose anymore.

  • That foggy-headed feeling


    Image via sarah/Flickr

    Am I gonna feel like this forever?! Is this real life?!

  • A cough that never quits


    Image via Mylissa/Flickr

    You'd think I smoked a pack a day! (Good thing I quit years ago.)


  • Choking down all that medicine


    Image via Raul/Flickr

    Take your spoonful of sugar and shove it! I'm "just saying no" to drugs.

  • Having to think of flowers as your enemy


    Image via Olga/Flickr

    Oh flower, you evil temptress! Foiled again!


  • The horror of checking the pollen forecast


    Image via Joe Goldberg/Flickr

    Horror has a face ... and it's called outdoor mold.

  • Ears so plugged up you can't hear what anybody is saying


    Image via Christopher Blizzard/Flickr


  • Waking up with a throbbing sinus headache


    Image via 91s_girl/Flickr

    Is this an allergy headache or the worst hangover of my life?! Or BOTH?!

  • A stuffy nose you can't seem to un-stuff


    Image via Thomas Kohler/Flickr

    Yes, I'm picking my nose. No, I don't give a flying fig what you think. I'll get that booger if it's the last thing I do.

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