LeAnn Rimes' Rumored Drug Abuse Is Nothing to Joke About


Leann RimesIt's no secret that LeAnn Rimes has had her fair share of health issues within the last few years. Last year, the wife of Eddie Cibrian and arch nemesis of Real Housewife Brandi Glanville stepped out looking thinner than thin in a teeny bikini. More recently, pictures emerged of a recent vacation showcasing LeAnn's toned, healthier body -- I was proud of her (because we're besties, of course). But celebrity publicist Jonathon Jaxson is shedding new light on LeAnn's true habits in his book Don't You Know Who I Am Yet, claiming that the singer has a problem with laxative abuse.

According to Jaxson, he was with her manager once when LeAnn called asking for laxatives after noshing on a ton of food. That same manager told the publicist that Rimes takes them every day to maintain her bod. Holy whoa.

Let's be real: laxatives are nothing to mess around with. In fact, laxative abuse can be VERY dangerous to your body.

They remove a LOT of water from the body, making the user dehydrated and can worsen digestion. Aside from water, users also lose loads of essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium, which can create an electrolyte imbalance. Sound like no big thing? Wrong. The imbalance can cause harsh pains and, scarily enough, an irregular heartbeat. That irregular heartbeat is SUPER dangerous, and can even cause death.

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Not to mention, the more and more laxatives you take, the more likely you are to develop a dependency -- which I wouldn't be surprised if LeAnn has at this point. When this happens, your body stops reacting appropriately to the usual doses of laxatives so that the user needs to take higher amounts to produce any bowel movements.

In my eyes, these just aren't worth getting involved with. Whether or not the claims that Jaxson makes are true, there are SO many healthier ways to stay fit, and I hope LeAnn knows that. A habit like this is nothing to brag about, and if it's true, it sets a horrible example for her fans (the ones she has left, anyway) as well as Eddie's kids.

Do you know anyone who has abused laxatives in the past?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

Isn't that what caused Karen Carpenter's death?

nonmember avatar tina

I pity her... she's sooooo insecure, wish she would go back to the way she was before ever meeting Eddie - being with him has turned her into a monster!

nonmember avatar LeeLeeNot

People do not realize how much a man can literally make a chick go crazy. This woman has become more than a monster since she met Eddie and once day she will wake up and realize all she has done and become...and what she has done to her career.

nonmember avatar Warren

Like the media has been for a while, I think you are being too hard on her. I notice your comments are speculating and guessing or speaking from several years ago. I think LeAnn make mistakes but I think their marriage is built on love and respect and she is doing fine and will do even better. She is not a monster, take a look at the charity work she does and supports. That is not a monster, it is a good person.

Nancy Hartwick

She seems to be very insecure in her marriage, could that be because Eddie cheated with her whilst still married to Brandi. She is ghastlt looking and in need of a mental health evalation. I certainly wish her no harm and hope and pray she gets the help and guidance she needs. Electrolye imbalance is nothing to play around with. I think her husband needs to show her more compassion.She seems to try hard with Eddie's boys, hopefully her and Brandi have come to a meeting of the minds regarding their upbringing. 

Joanne Hester

She has made bad choices.  I think it is a bad choice to have an affair, she has been  insensitive to some other people. If there relationship is really based on love she should not be so insecure. She made some bad choices and mistakes.  she doesn't seem to want to own up to them. She could of at least said she was sorry, and she knew it wasn't fair what her and Eddie did. Some humility would probably help the whole matter and maybe even how she feels about herself, everybody is human but we need to learn to do better.

nonmember avatar jujubee

Yes, relationships with men CAN make you crazy. I'm not excusing her behavior, but I do know the pressures of being with a man who is "out of your league". It is intimidating when the man is super hot and you are average. You walk around feeling pretty insecure. I think she would have done better if she hadn't hooked up with the likes of Cibrian. The guy was a model and his wife was a model. Leann is basic-hillbilly. That must be a lot of pressure on her to be something she is not...(gorgeous).

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