Jordin Sparks Lost 50 Pounds With This Amazingly Smart 'Undiet' Plan

redbook jordin sparksJordin Sparks is speaking out about her jaw-dropping weight loss, and it's pretty incredible. Nope, she's not shilling for any commercial weight loss company (which, okay, yes, I kinda love). Instead, she's talking about what she did on her own to drop 50 pounds in 18 months

She tells Redbook about the evolution of her own weight loss plan, which had three phases and is so simple and down-to-earth that it really could work for anyone ...


The first phase Jordin explains took four months and involved tweaking her attitude, walking every day (totally doable!), and asking herself, "Am I really hungry, or am I having this because it looks good?" She says, "It doesn't have to be about sacrificing all the things you love. Just be conscious of portion size and why you're eating." Completely realistic advice. Granted, it's easier said than done, but when you do it, you start to feel amazing. Which leads me to ...

Phase two, which requires taking things up a notch -- with strength training. Jordin lost 15 pounds in six months by working out with a trainer and learning that toning builds up muscles, which revs your metabolism. She now does 12 reps each of biceps curls, shoulder presses, and triceps extensions daily. Another tip: Avoiding carbs after 5 p.m. and instead reaching for fruit that's high in fiber. Smart, although I wouldn't totally write off complex carbs at dinner ... It's more like sugar and simple carbs like white rice or potatoes that we should steer clear of -- always, but especially at night.

Finally, phase three is all about eating clean and varying your workouts. Love this, because it works oh so well! Jordin says she lost 20 pounds in eight months by doing high intensity workouts like a form of Zumba called Sensazao, circuit training, hiking with her dogs, swimming, and boxing. She also sticks to whole foods for the most part, lots of veggies, and a smart serving of lean protein like grilled chicken or steak.

Yeah, so we've heard a lot of this before, but that's because it really does work. And weight loss takes work and many months and you have to learn to crawl (or go for a daily walk) before you can walk (or burn 900 calories a session with a specialized type of Zumba!). It's not quick or easy necessarily, but it's reality. And gotta hand it to Jordin for this smart reality check.

Would you do a plan like Jordin's -- or do you already?


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