Denise Richards Defends Her Shockingly Thin Look as 'Healthy', Then Eats a Donut

Denise RichardsIt's been a few months since the first burst of buzz about Denise Richards' shockingly slender appearance. The mother-of-three got a lot of flack back in February after stepping out with her daughters to grab ice cream looking thinner than thin. No, that's an understatement. Downright skeleton-like, I'd say. Now the actress is just finally addressing the negative press, telling Extra she doesn't understand why people are so up in arms.

"I have a very healthy lifestyle and I'm busy," said Richards. "I have a daughter who's almost 2 that I carry all the time. She's just under 30 pounds ... we eat ice cream all the time. I had a grilled cheese before we got here."

Sigh. I don't know about all of you, but I see so many problems with everything that's going on here, and I'm not exactly sure where to begin.


First -- just because Denise carries her 2-year-old daughter around and eats ice cream and grilled cheese with her kids doesn't mean that being that slender is OK. I know where her head's at. She wants to tell the world that she does normal things and isn't freakishly uptight about what she eats or what she's doing. But eating things that are "bad for you" won't rectify the issue at hand.

What is that issue, exactly? The woman needs to bulk up a little bit. She needs to give her body the attention it deserves and be a healthy role model for her children. Sure, doing Pilates and indulging in loads of fresh vegetables -- those are great habits. But the last thing this woman wants for her children, I'm sure, is for them to think that she, her size, is normal. It is most definitely not. 

I'll be honest: I also see a woman that's making excuses. Generally anytime someone protests so much, it's a sign that they are hiding something, especially when it comes to things like weight, addiction, or other health issues.

Denial is an ugly thing. Instead of shoving off the reports, maybe it's time that Denise takes a hard look at herself in the mirror. Instead of tweeting photos of donuts to "prove" she's eating, maybe she needs to think about WHY she's tweeting them in the first place. Maybe it's time that she analyzes what her definition of healthy is. If not for herself, then at least for her children.

Do you think Denise needs a wake-up call?


Image via statefarm/Flickr

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