Amanda Bynes' 'Workout' Makes It Seem Like She's Truly Lost It


amanda bynes twitter photo gymAt this point, we've all gotten so accustomed to Amanda Bynes doing her best impression of Britney Spears circa 2007, so all the head-shaving and wacky tweets she's been writing lately have become a bit of a yawnfest. She must know it, too, because she tried to do something really out of the norm: Hit the gym to work on her fitness. Sort of. It looks more like she just stood around near the workout equipment, in a bizarro white sweatshirt and sweatpants, snapping selfies. What. In. The. World.

She tweeted the pics to her followers and clarified her whereabouts (just in case you're blind) with, "At the gym! Rawr!" Agh.

Seriously, this girl could USE a sweatastic workout! It would probably be a much healthier way to deal with whatever breakdown she seems to be having. But it looks like she was doing anything but what she should have been at the gym.

You don't even need to be a detective to figure out that most people -- at least not in the middle of spring -- don't work out in heavy duty sweats. But, okay, fashion aside, they also don't snap pics of themselves when they're really burning serious calories with circuit training or weight lifting. Or send tweets. Or try to look quirky-glam with strange makeup and bright blonde hair worn down to their tuchus.

Bottom-line: Let's not be fooled. Going to the gym isn't going to suddenly make Amanda look like she's on the right track. She's acting goofy at best -- and disturbingly off-her-rocker at worst. Seems to me addressing her emotional and mental health should take priority over working on her fitness.

What do you make of Amanda's gym visit?


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CanCa... CanCan123

whats up with that face?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yea, what did she do to her face? I don't even recognize her.

Serab... Serabelle

Um, have you seen Twitter/ Facebook lately? Snapping pics at the gym isn't that unusual, more are facial piercings or shaving half your hair off. In fact, there's a whole section of society that piercings and crazy hair cuts/colors are not only normal but encouraged. This is a former actress that has quit acting, so I think she's just going through a faze that normally people go through around 15, but she wasn't able to. Just because you don't like her hair or piercings doesn't mean she's lost it. That's narrow minded and superficial.

nonmember avatar kb

Either she is pulling a "Joaquin Pheonix" on us(remember when he was pretending to be crazy for a documentary), or she is really becoming unraveled. Either way it is truly sad, and I hope that for her sake, it's the first scenario. Otherwise her career is over.

nonmember avatar Alicia

I'm not sure what the hype is about. I saw The Amanda Show on several occasions. It's a comedy and she's super quirky/goofy. The way she's been acting lately is like a reality show type version of it. I think she just needs to realize her audience isn't getting it in this format. She needs to keep the goof/comedy antics separate from her in real life self. Either that or she really is that way in real life and she's just weird.

nonmember avatar noGenius

She's trippin' BALLS.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think she's just desperate for attention even though she's retired... and lo & behold, it worked - you're all still putting her online. The only thing that made me doubt a workout was the fake eyelashes honestly.  I've seen women go in full on cake face make-up to the gym before... I don't understand it, but I've seen it.

nonmember avatar Matilda

What I make of it? Well, she is going to the gym and most like other girls or guys in these modern times she posts it on a social website. And what I think of her wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt? I think it's fantastic, it shows you don't have to wear the latest nike outfits or whatever, that is how I looked when I first started hitting the gym. If she is having a hard time in her personal life, do you really think gossiping about her and clanking down on her will make it any better? Maybe we should try to lift eachother up instead of laughing at eachothers gym outfits and hair, let's support eachother!

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